Canadians Crash Through German Lines

The Russian team, wherever they were at the time, watched Canada play their best game of the Olympics on this night, pummelling the Germans 8-2, and I’m sure Alex Ovechkin and company are now understanding the Games have begun for real. 

At this very moment, there will be Russian fingernails being bitten. This extra game, caused by the Canadians losing to the Americans on Sunday, very well could be the turning point for a Canadian team so scrutinized, so criticized, almost since the Games begun.

You saw a different team tonight, Russians. You saw a team finally playing as a team against the German squad. You saw Crosby step up, and you know your Ovechkin isn’t the only king of the hill in big-time hockey. You saw Joe Thornton come through and score, and you don’t know if he’s about to prove naysayers wrong about his ability to come through in big games. But he just might and you don’t like it. You saw Jerome Iginla score a couple, and you know he’s going to give you trouble. You realize your players are going to have to get in front of Shea Weber’s big shot, and you’re not crazy about that. And you understand now that Mike Richards and Scott Niedermayer love the sound of the puck hitting the back of the net, and it’s clear now that Canada has some underachievers making noise who have been quiet in the past.

It doesn’t make you happy.

And last but not least, you saw a big bear of a man, Rick Nash, with moves that befit a smaller player, finally score a huge goal, and you know he’s going to be trouble because you watched him dominate in the 2007 World Championships, you’ve noticed him come close recently, and it worries you to see him playing now like you hoped he wouldn’t. And you saw Roberto Luongo in nets and you know he’s on his home turf and will be brilliant.

You’re in trouble, Russia. Canada has a new sense of confidence, and it seems chemistry has reared its lovely head.

Wednesday night – Canada and Russia. For all of us armchair quarterbacks, get the TV warmed up.

13 thoughts on “Canadians Crash Through German Lines”

  1. Im so excited for this game I can hardly think straight. Even though the competition was alot less tonight there was something different about this game compared to the rest. We finally clicked and were in control for the whole 60 mins. Like you said Dennis we finally have the chemistry we’ve been looking for. It was nice to see all the guys who have been searching for their game break through. I hope all this momentum can carry over to tomorrow and we pick up right were we left off.

  2. Hey Dennis;What you said bro,as I said after the defeat that rocked the world,Canada will be back.Rick Nash is just as imposing as a bull moose in the middle of the highway.I am so impressed with this guy,even before the Olympics began.He has the moves and the speed of a player eight inches smaller,but the size and agility to cause damage.Rick is here and and will be a force from here on in.I’m pshyched for sure.Roberto is in his zone,he will be there for us,just watch and see.Jerome ,Joe,Sid and Jonathan all came to play tonite.They made a difference that really showed,let’s now sit back and watch the game that should have been the final.

  3. Jordy, you are so right. There was something different about this game and team. It’s like they needed this extra game. I can hardly wait, too.

  4. Derry, Nash is good. Real good. And about what McGuire said about Nash should have taken the penalty shot to regain his confidence. But on the flipside, if he didn’t score on the penalty shot, would it have made his confidence level even less? So I’m not sure I agree with McGuire.

  5. I dont like to agree with him but,Nash would have scored ,without a doubt.I think they made a mistake putting it all on Crosby’s lap,he missed and what will come of it?These guys are pro’s,they can handle a missed penalty shot ,I’m just happy that we are going onto better things.

  6. Russia is probably wondering why they tried so hard to win their group only to meet Canada who now have had one more game to come together.

    On a Hab note, Sergei Kostitsyn missed his shoot-out chance to give Belarus the opportunity to knock-off Switzerland, but otherwise it appears he had a good game.

  7. Chris, I’m going to be watching this game with two Russian women. Their hearts are torn between their old country and new. But I suspect they’d like Russia to capture glory. Can’t blame them. If I was in Russia, I’d beer cheering for Canada, of course.

  8. Dennis, your in a lose lose situation. If Canada loses your wife has bragging rights and if Canada wins theres a good chance you’ll be sleeping on the couch.

  9. Exactly, Jordy. She says she’s torn and doesn’t want either to lose. I think her mind says Canada but her heart says Russia.

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