Canadian Juniors Obliterate Norway

Team Canada Whiz Kids trounced Norway 10-1  in Canada’s third game of the World Junior’s tourney, and thus far the Canadians have rolled over Russia 6-3, Czech Republic 7-2, and now Norway 10-1.

This is all great stuff for the Canadian team and its fans, but Canada needs to tackle more formidable opposition to test itself further. Sweden on New Year’s Eve might prove just the thing before Canada gets a little too full of itself and overconfident, which can happen naturally.

A good stiff test is exactly what Team Canada needs to prepare for the big stuff which lies ahead.

6 thoughts on “Canadian Juniors Obliterate Norway”

  1. Hey Dennis,Great game,although after 5 goals it didnt seem as entertaining. I’m just happy to have another win going our way and it will just keep getting better. Sorry to see Sid lose his battle for the streak though, wished he could have broken it.

  2. Hi Derry, the tourney only going to pick up steam when it gets more stressful. And yeah, Sidney on his his streak was a great hockey story and he’s good for the game. He’ll probably start a new streak right away.

  3. Hey Dennis, Yup you are correct about how much more exciting this tourney will get as it nears the the final rounds,hope we can keep the machines well oiled and stay in groove the rest of the way.

  4. Danno, this is the kind of thing that has stuck with me ever since they started doing these outdoor games. It’s a risky gamble and they might want to think twice about their big idea. Even the Calgary-Montreal game coming up could have problems. You never know with the Chinooks they get there. Somehow I don’t feel sorry for the NHL about this. They’ve been hyping it like crazy, and they’ve acted like they have more say in it than Mother Nature. But we know the woman always wins.

  5. And we can’t even blame the weather on southern US climate. Here in the centre of the universe(tm) the forecast for Saturday is 10°C with rain. I blame the hot air from Don Cherry mixing with the hot air from Rob Ford.

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