Canadian Guys Speed Freaks

I’m not around for awhile and look what happens – Canada wins more medals – this time on the speedskating track, and so I’d better warm up the keyboard.

Charles Hamelin won gold and Francois-Louis Tremblay bronze in men’s 500 metre short-track, and then Hamelin teamed up with his brother Francois, plus Tremblay and Olivier Jean to win the 5000 metre relay. Jean is the one with the long dreadlocks. What’s the procedure for washing dreadlocks?

American superstar Apolo Ohno and his teammates took bronze, and one thing I should say about Ohno  – he’s a good ballroom dancer. He won Dancing With The Stars a few seasons back, moving around the floor like a shorter and heavier Fred Astaire. I appreciate this feat simply because my wife made me take dancing lessons a few years ago and I was the worst one there from about 20 men.

So good for our really fast Canadians. This is an Olympic sport Henri Richard and Ralph Backstrom would’ve been good at.

7 thoughts on “Canadian Guys Speed Freaks”

  1. Dennis, Charles Hamelin is a lucky man. Not for the skating results, where he deserved even more, but for having Marianne St-Gelais waiting for him at the finish line. I expect he’ll take home his medals and play I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.

    I think you’re right about Richard, he would have been golden. Would he have given up a Stanley Cup win for a few golds?

  2. I lost respect for Ohno when he put his disqualification down to a Canadian judge on Canadian soil. He’s a sore loser. Besides a Canadian still would have won had he not been disqualified.

  3. Anvilcloud, I know, I heard that too. Biased Canadian judges – yeah, right. I was surprised and I lost some respect too.

  4. Laydownthelaw – Gomez would be good. The same size as Ohno, and a good skater. But his hair isn’t as good.

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