Canadian Gold Dance On Ice

Canada’s Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir won a breathtaking gold tonight in ice dance, a sport, from a man’s perspective at least, has some of the hottest chicks in the Olympics. It’s like watching gorgeous, curvaceous creatures ballroom dancing with blades on.

Young red-blooded guys go to strip joints to see hot ladies, but I think in reality, the hot ladies are the ones in Olympic ice dance.  

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir bettered the great American team and are now gold medalists. Bravo to the London, Ontario pair.

10 thoughts on “Canadian Gold Dance On Ice”

  1. They skated beautifully. Kids that young aren’t supposed to be that good. Their giddiness and smiles are truly infectious. I predict this gold medal win will kick-start a chain of gold medals.

  2. Chris, I actually thought the first American team were great but maybe it’s because they went a couple before the Canadians. They won silver though. I like this sport. Pretty ladies.

  3. Hey Dennis;.My hat goes off to this pair of Canadians,this was the most exciting moment for Canada since we won gold in men’s hockey in 2002.Tessa and Scott are champions for sure,they will go a long way.

  4. Excellent, truly excellent…these two champs didn’t need the all the clown make-up and gaudy outfits that are out there, they were crisp, clean and ice danced their awesome Canadian hearts out!!! Go Canada Go!

  5. Hi Dennis,

    Tessa and Scott were elegant, classic and the best team by far. Good for them!

    Too bad I was eliminated early in the single competition. 🙂

  6. It is too bad you were eliminated earlier, Diane. I thought you were not only the best out there, but also the best eye candy. It’s a real shame.

  7. Sorry Dennis, that should be Ashleigh and not Ashley as I mistakenly wrote in my excitement of the moment. Thank goodness I didn’t put down Ashley MacIsaac. Fiddling down the slopes. Now that would be a trick.

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