Canadian Boys Fall To Finns

Canada and Russia battling for bronze isn’t exactly what I had in mind when I said I was hoping for the two to play each other in the World Junior Championships.

But that’s what it’ll be, after Canada fell to Finland 5-1 today, as sad as it is to say. And I hope the old adage about things happening in threes isn’t true, because otherwise, the Habs are screwed this evening.

With all due respect to the Swedes and Finns, the gold medal game won’t be nearly as sexy now. Unless you’re a Swede or Finn of course.

But the reality is, and I’m not the first or the last to say this, the drama is in a good old-fashioned Canada-Russia, or U.S.-Russia, or Canada-U.S. showdown.

Unless you’re a Swede or Finn of course.

Proud of the Canadian boys regardless. They’re awesome. And while they’re still there, they might as well grab the bronze.

3 thoughts on “Canadian Boys Fall To Finns”

  1. The passion for hockey includes many heartbreaks. The agony of defeat is tough to take when expectations are so high. I too am proud of these awesome kids and hope they have a great match against Russia.

  2. Honestly, Canada never played well for an entire 60 minutes this whole tournament, and it finally cost the team. If the boys play this way against Russia, they can kiss even the Bronze Medal goodbye. Frankly, the Russians should have beaten the favoured Swedes.

  3. Sorry, Dennis, I don’t like today’s post. Not playing for gold is too important a story to report accurately. How about one of those recaps which you sometimes write in advance of the game? Reality be damned, I want a happy ending. Canada came out strong and dominated for most of the game but (some truth) Finland caught a luck bounce and scored. But with a lot a perseverance we finally scored with seconds left in the game and then won it in overtime.

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