Canada’s Lady Curlers Win Silver. Hey Cheryl Bernard, You’d Really Like It Here


Dear understanding and kind wife.

Would you mind terribly if Canadian women curling skip Cheryl Bernard moved in with us?

(And to all you young dudes out there. This is what a hot chick grows in to in her forties. And she’s going to get even better as she grows older. Don’t ever think women aren’t beautiful as they age.)

Cheryl’s 43.

9 thoughts on “Canada’s Lady Curlers Win Silver. Hey Cheryl Bernard, You’d Really Like It Here”

  1. Hey Dennis,The Canadian girls played great,I would never pass of a negative comment on an accomplishment like theirs,what a great game.Hats off to them all for their sportsy(no gender there eh) play throughout the tourney.

  2. Well, Dennis, has Mrs. Kane given the thumbs up on this request? If she put you in the penalty box for game misconduct, I would understand.

    Nice comments about women and respectful as always. You are the BEST.

  3. Cheryl Bernard is stunning. Breathtaking. I have never seen a woman more captivating. I could only stare with an impossible yearning every time she appeared on screen. I’m 62 years old, and she has turned me into a lovesick teenager. What an incredible woman. Astonishing. I’m sure the attraction isn’t just the obvious visual beauty. Such a reaction can only come from a sense of some inner beauty, inner goodness, perhaps a projection of her spirituality. I was impressed with her humanity following such a devastating loss. The whole team impressed me with their poise and grace. Thank you for the magic, ladies. I was so proud of you all. God bless.

  4. Cheryl Bernard is absolutely beautiful, you’re so right. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her.

  5. I could have done something else with the time I spent watching the 2010 Olympics. In fact, even in my younger days (I’m 79) I hardly paid attention to any Olympic competition. On the other hand I couldn’t take my eyes off Cheryl Bernard. She is my ideal of what beauty should be – in her case, she already is.

  6. Manuel, she’s my idea too of the perfect beauty. Thanks for reading. I’m with you all the way about our girl

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