Canada’s Juniors Find A Way. Now They Smell Gold

Like has happened so many times before, Canada has found a way to win. Canada’s Jordan Eberle tied the game with just five seconds to go, and then scored, along with John Tavares, in the shootout, to thrust Team Canada into the World Junior gold medal game Monday against Sweden.


And I’ve never agreed more with Jim as I do now. The outspoken critic of the shootout is dead on in this. It’s a shame it came to a shootout. It was tense, exciting, back and forth hockey for all three periods and the ten minute overtime.


And then it was decided by a shootout.


But what a game. I need to find some downers somewhere. Check my blood pressure. I just love the World Juniors. Young kids who, if you saw them in the poolhall, are just ordinary pimply-faced kids who like video games, chicks, and giggling. But put a hockey uniform on them and they transform into magical, ultra-talented boys/men playing like NHL’ers. They’re a sight to behold.


How can young kids play such fine hockey?

7 thoughts on “Canada’s Juniors Find A Way. Now They Smell Gold”

  1. Why, thank u, Dennis. What a great way to kick off the new year – acknowledgment. Hehehe, why, U’ve even made my cheap bottle of table plonk, Viognier (Santa Julia), taste better! And, yes, jr. hockey is great!

  2. Canada appears to just end up crushing every team’s hopes of a win. But Sweden is the real deal. They’re like robots. The gold game is gonna be one hell of a game. (Toka still makes me nervous in nets…and it looked like his team got nervous in front of him tonight as well. I think Pickard is really getting the shaft here, but whatever. It’s their choice).

  3. It’s nice to see real, authentic passionate hockey. No ones worried about salaries or bottom lines… Love it.

  4. awesome, awesome true to life hockey. hard to sit still…. today. tomorrow’s gold and a great youngster for the Canucks next season. Go Gold Canada!!!

  5. Jan, if every Canucks fan was as nice as you, I’d probably cheer for them more. If you see Jordy’s comment under the Habs Four of Six All-Stars story, you’ll see what I mean.

  6. It’s the freakin’ allstar game for heavens sake!! All it does is give us diehards a lengthy break from an already tooooo short hockey season!!

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