Canada-USA Juniors: I Almost Enjoyed All Of It

It’s a sad story I’m about to tell you.

I finally sat down twenty hours after the fact to watch the big Canada-US junior game, and things were going swimmingly. I saw Canada fall behind 4-2 and in typically dramatic fashion, tie it up late in the game like I almost knew they would. I saw the disputed Canadian goal that wasn’t counted, and I settled in to watch the overtime and possible shootout, and I was feeling good. Real good.

Then the recording ended.

I missed the overtime and shootout and instead of watching it at this very moment, I’m talking to you instead. And soon it’s back to work for day two of eight straight evening shifts.

It’s a good thing I don’t keep a gun in the house.

But I know Canada won in the shootout and so do you and we love the World Juniors.

There’s also something very important to mention that’s got nothing to do with the juniors. I was driving down the street yesterday and with my own eyes I saw it. At first I thought it was a hallucination, but the closer I got, I realized it was actually happening.

I saw about twenty kids playing road hockey in the pouring rain in a schoolyard. Yes I did. Kids playing road hockey. It wasn’t a mirage or an acid flashback. It was real kids playing real road hockey.

And I thought all kids did nowadays was play video games on the computer. Seeing that restores my faith in the human race. I wish I had a camera in the car so I could show you.

Random Notes:

If Gary Bettman and others want to increase interest in hockey in non-hockey areas of the US, all they have to do is show Canada- USA junior games, only condense them to an hour of all the good stuff. Surely they’d like an hour of nicely-edited big-time excitement. Wouldn’t they?

5 thoughts on “Canada-USA Juniors: I Almost Enjoyed All Of It”

  1. Too bad TSN doesn’t make its entire games available on-line like the CBC. Its 3:43 rewind just doesn’t do the game justice. With-out any TV time-outs the games really fly by. Any sports fan who doesn’t think that game was exciting is beyond hope, let them watch grass grow.

  2. He looked good, 31, Looks like he needs to add a couple of pounds, but anyway, it would be great if he became a good Montreal Canadien.

  3. an insult to the American team,to have the French language included in their win as if the french language is their first language or 2nd.or 3rd or 4thor 5th….I wanted to see CANADA win ,BUT I find that the USA ,proved to be the better team….Congratulations,just keep the french language out, The US team deserves credit and not in a foreign language……………..

  4. Gerald, what a great game and either team could have won it. As far as the language thing, it would’ve been the same in any country where the tourney was played. The presentations would have had Swedish if they were in Sweden, Russian if in Russia, and Canada has two languages so it was there. I don’t see anything wrong with it.

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