Canada Sends Americans Packing

Team Canada played a tremendously solid game against a good U.S. and now move on to meet the Swedes on Sunday for the gold medal.

As a proud Canadian, it’s been a good two days, with first the women winning it all and now the men moving a big step closer.

I don’t care that the weather up here leaves a lot to be desired. Sometimes the weather’s great. Anyway, we’re a tough bunch, and If we didn’t have bad weather, we’d have a lot less to talk about at parties.

Canada’s an exceptionally wonderful country and anyone who hasn’t been here needs to smarten up.

But back to the game.

Many said leading up to today that it could be a high scoring affair. It wasn’t.

Many said throughout the tournament, and long before, that Carey Price in nets would be a mistake. It was no mistake.

Price has been solid as a rock. He’s come through. And his calm demeanor has probably helped not only himself but his teammates too.

The pressure of winning in the Olympics is intense, but Price is used to it. He plays for the Montreal Canadiens.

Just a great showing by the Habs goaltender in Sochi, and maybe the critics will take a few days off now.

Jamie Benn scored Canada’s lone goal, a nice redirection of a Jay Bouwmeester pass, and that was it. The lone goal and the winner. It was all that was needed with Price holding the fort.

Benn’s been good.  And I thought Crosby and Kunitz had their best showing of the tournament and swarmed the American end often. Kunitz especially had about a half dozen good chances.

Now it’s Sweden at 7 am ET on Sunday for all the marbles. One more big game needed. One more game where everyone has to play like it’s game seven of the Stanley Cup finals, which is bigger than you think, Rene Fasel.

Proud of the two Canadian teams, proud of my country. But I can’t get carried away. I’ll have nothing to write on Sunday.

“Did you like the game, Elmer?”
“Sure did, Red. Did somebody say the weather’s good in Canada?”

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16 thoughts on “Canada Sends Americans Packing”

  1. Carey Price was unflappable out there, and that’s what we’ve come to expect from him. I noticed a big difference in this game, as opposed to yesterday’s affair between the women. The American and Canadian women clearly couldn’t stand each other. The men, today, had an obvious respect for each other, and I noted several conversations, some of the long variety, between the players in the post-game handshakes (particularly between Price and Quick). I liked that a lot.

  2. Price has been so solid throughout and I’m sure he’s earned the respect of the players and coaches in the dressing room. Hopefully the naysayers will come aboard the Price train.

  3. Yes, Ian. I also don’t quite understand the women’s friction. They all play together on ladies teams. They know each other and they know each other’s country. But it’s been this way for years. I like a solid rivalry. Keeps it interesting. Remember Habs-Nordiques?

  4. I don’t mind a hated rivalry, so long as it is tempered by respect. I get the impression at times that the American women and the Canadian women don’t even respect each other.

  5. Marjo, the bugger even predicted a Canada-Sweden final. I’m sure he’ll remind us several more times.

  6. He could not even come to acknowledge, congratulate or pat Poulin on her back for tying the game and then winning the game. He mentioned just about everyone but her.

    His whipping boy, Ron, would do us all a favor by slapping him. C’mon, McLean, or whatever your name is, grow some balls– call him out.

    So, it’s a 7am game for all of us on Sunday. Go Canada.

  7. @Marjo, that’s back to back games. 2010 tieing goal OT winner & again in 2014******* just awesome & what memories for her which will be with her & us for a life time! Cherry is a horse’s patutty.

  8. The Canadian and American women play against each other much more often than the men. I would say the women’s animosity is similar to that between the Canadiens and Bruins at the end of a play-off series but with *more* respect. These Olympic teams contain the best of the best, whom everyone respects. It’s much harder to respect the goons on an opposing NHL team’s fourth line.

  9. Congratulations! However, it’d been nice if Max had put his big chance in.

    Aside from dumping Justin Bierber on us, Canada couldn’t find a way to keep McGuire on CBC. Milbury and McSplooge have been harping on questionable Canadian (really, CanadiEn) goaltending all tournament. When the Les Good Guys are playing, I can put on 690 to drowned out that crap. Today, noooo… “Global Blackout! (I contend this will never change because Corner Gas’ humor and quality still embarrasses our networks)”

    Questionable goaltending costs the Russians. Questionable goaltending caught up with the Finns. Questionable goaltending will send the Habs past Boston in the playoffs. But Cary Price is not questionable goaltending, period.

    I hope Team Canada just pounds the Swedes Sunday, mainly so the Wings will be tired on Wednesday night.

  10. Mike, Mike Milbury – I’d almost forgotten about him. Do you think he’ll say nice things about Price now? Love your Habs dedication. And I think of you as an honorary Canadian.

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