Canada Plays Latvia

Ted Nolan’s Latvia squad upset the Swiss 3-1 today, which means it’s Latvia that Canada faces in quarterfinal action on Wednesday at 12 pm ET.

Certainly the Latvians beating the Swiss is an upset, and the French-language announcers said, while I was giving my usual 147% at work and which was relayed to me by my friend Gilles, that the Swiss were probably already thinking ahead to the Canadian game, which was a bit of a mistake.

So on we go. Bye bye, Swiss. Hello Latvians.

2 thoughts on “Canada Plays Latvia”

  1. This is good for Canada–on paper, at least, Latvia should be an easier game for Canada than Switzerland would have been.

  2. Good for Ted Nolan, getting the best from his team. One current NHLer who I’ve never heard of. Captained by 41 year old Sandis Ozolinsh. Daugavins is the only other player I’ve heard of and only because his blip of an NHL career happened here in Ottawa.

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