Canada Firing On All Cylinders As They Send Russia Back To The Homeland

Canada’s Olympic hockey team began the tournament dazed and confused, but look at them now.

It began with an 8-2 thrashing of the Germans, and the snowball grew even bigger tonight against the Russians as Team Canada steamrolled 7-3 over Alex Ovechkin and his teammates, making the gap-toothed superstar look very ordinary, and for that matter, making all of the Russian squad look ordinary.

Russia was outmatched in all aspects of the game, starting with less-than-strong goaltending from Evgeni Nabokov, and ending with a lacklustre performance from a lineup we looked at two weeks ago and decided it was as formidable as it could possibly get. Ovechkin, Malkin, Kovalchuk, Datsyuk, Semin, Markov, Gonchar. Could they be beaten?

Canada must thank the Americans for waking them up, and the idea that Canada needed that extra game by losing to the US holds water completely. They needed a jolt, got it, and are now playing like they absolutely want gold. For the rest of the teams left, you just saw what you’re in for if you manage to get far enough to meet the maple leaf.

I hope Ryan O’Byrne was paying attention tonight, wherever he may be. I hope he watched closely the play of Shea Weber. Both are big, young defensemen, and if O’Byrne learns to use his strength like Weber, intimidate, and fire a big shot the way Weber can, then Montreal will have a blue-chip defenceman in number 20. That’s the way a big, strong, mobile defenceman should play, and I now understand why Weber was chosen for Team Canada. What a force to be reckoned with.

Shea Weber and Drew Doughty wearing the bleu, blanc, rough of Les Canadiens. Hey, I can dream, can’t I?

I watched this beauty with two Russian ladies and a little Russian girl, and it was very interesting. One lady, a good friend, brought her Russian flag and cheered loudly, at least until Canada had scored three goals. The other Russian lady, my wife, confessed that her heart said Russia.  After Canada had scored about their fifth goal, the Russian friend phoned her son and asked if they should start cheering for Canada and he said no. The little Russian girl said she didn’t want either team to lose. I said I hoped Canada destroyed Russia and I needed more goals.

Canada got two goals from Corey Perry and singles from Ryan Getzlaf, Dan Boyle, Rick Nash, Brenden Morrow, and Shea Weber. It was a strong, dominant, surprising game, with pretty passing plays and chemistry oozing out of every pore. The Americans are now thinking about asking Brian Burke if they can go home early.

Canada plays Friday against the winner of Sweden-Slovakia, who don’t start play until later tonight.

17 thoughts on “Canada Firing On All Cylinders As They Send Russia Back To The Homeland”

  1. I agree that the Russian team is good but I also think they might be one of the more overrated teams coming into the tournament. I have heard alot of people say that Canada is going to struggle against them if they face off against eachother. The only question i have for those people is……how do you figure? for every great Russian player on that team Canada has a player of equal talent if not much better and im only talking about the forwards. If you compare defense its like comparing boys to men, we are on a whole different level. It speaks volumes about how deep are team is when guys like Jerome Iginla and Mike Richards are playing on are 4th line.

    I posted the above comment Feb. 16 under the entry “Russia’s line combinations show a strong team” and I am proud that the boys backed my theory up with such a dominating win tonight.

  2. Hey Dennis;Well ,O.V. got O.B’D.Ovie was invisible,changed his name to Casper the friendly ghost.What a performance by the boys.I was sure that they would do this(won 20 bucks of my neighbor) and I was happier then shit when I watched just how hard our guys played.Pride in Canadian hockey is not just a feeling,it’s a way of life.Great to see Rick Nash do what he is most able to.

  3. Dennis, after a suitable evening full of gloating, be gracious to your 2 Russian women. We need to preserve some of the good karma.
    But for them, Canada winning is really the best thing. This way they get to join all the fun cheering for Canada. But someone needs to have a chat with your friend’s son, she saw what was coming and wanted to start cheering tonight. Why wouldn’t he let her enjoy the game? And what a game it was!

  4. Chris, you’re absolutely right, the kid needs a chat. She was ready to come aboard. And I’m very reserved in front of my wife about this. Inside I’m giggling and gloating.

  5. Holding in the gloats and giggles must require unbelievable strength. When Canada wins the gold, they should award you one too for providing the good karma.

  6. I was very impressed but also very disappointed at how lopsided the game was. I was hoping for exciting and close game with maybe a heroic finish. But this way is fine too. At least this sends the other teams a message that we’re top dog.

    I’m hoping that we play Sweden, we’re gonna hit them right in the Swedish meatballs.

  7. Well Dennis, did you sleep on the coach last night after the W for Canada? I’m sure your fine wife won’t hold a grudge though.

    Anyway, I’m cheering for Canada because you play hockey the way it’s supposed to be done, it’s your game and you are the host country. Go Canada!!!

  8. Diane, you should be a Canadiena. In fact, I’m making you “honorary Canadian.” You have to say “eh” sometimes.

  9. if one has the honor and good fortune to become a canadian they should cheer for canada on the world stage. it is not like living in toronto and being a habs fan.

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