Canada Dismisses US. Bring On Russia For Gold

Team Canada Juniors, in certainly their finest game of the World Junior Championships thus far, drops their southern rival, the U.S., 4-1 in an impressive display, and now moves on to play Russia for the gold medal on Wednesday.

Canada was great throughout, and if they can play like that one more time, the gold medal will surely come back to Canada after a brief rest in the US after Canada had won the five previous years.

One more game, against a formidable Russian squad.

My wife, from Russia, is now firmly entrenched in Canadian society, and absolutely wants and needs Team Canada to kick those Russian asses.

Game time Wednesday for gold is 7:30 PM Eastern, 4:30 Pacific.

10 thoughts on “Canada Dismisses US. Bring On Russia For Gold”

  1. Hey Dennis,What a game it was.I was very impressed with our Canadian lads as they hit hard,backchecked tremendously and played hockey like Canadians do so well,I can hardly wait till Wednsday.

  2. Talk about intensity!

    This sure wasn’t the Jacques Martin System® the youngsters were demonstrating.

    Pedal to the metal and showing no respect whatsoever.

    Hockey is the most beautiful game when it is played this way..

    Canada-Russia tomorrow. Should be a dandy.

  3. Danno, I just love watching these young guys play like NHLers They’re great. And thankfully it’s going to be Russia as the opponent. It’s always gotta be Canada-US or Canada-Russia for the gold. Imagine if it was the Czech Republic against Finland? Or Germany against Sweden etc. etc. Yawn…..

  4. I’m not really sure how the US and Sweden lost and the two inferior teams made it to the gold medal round Dennis. But what do I know? I didn’t pre-analyze the game, just watched it and enjoyed it enormously.

    Your wife is an amazing woman to cheer Canada instead of her native soil, and you’re lucky to have her. I dunno how she puts up with your shenanigans when you are cheating at a Habs Rubik’s cube and chugging down the DKRFSB and hanging around with GASTON all the while, but she does, and I admire and respect her greatly for it.

  5. Thanks, Tyg. My wife is an amazing woman and she realizes from the bottom of her heart just how great Canada as a country is. I wish more of us would appreciate it here as much as she does.
    I don’t really feel Canada is inferior to the US and Sweden except our goaltending slipped slightly. And what we do have that most don’t is the mindset that we first saw in 1972 and what wills us to win when least expected.
    Thanks for your kind words about Luciena and I’ll pass them along to her.

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