Canada Could Easily Support Many More Teams

The following was sent to me from Christopher and it examines the question of how many teams could Canada support. The numbers got crunched, and it’s all extremely interesting. Winnipeg would be a nice start, but there’s obviously room for a lot more in this great country than just one. 

Thanks for this, Christopher.

Hi Dennis,

I’ve sent you a few comments before about The Agenda with Steve Paiken.  Wednesday night he had an interview with Tony Keller from the Mowat Centre for Policy Innovation at the University of Toronto who has recently published a paper on The New Economics of the NHL: Why Canada can support 12 teams.  How do we get Gary Bettman to watch it.

Here are some interesting tidbits from the paper
– The most successful Canadian teams, in contrast, receive negative net dollars from the league—the Leafs, Canadiens and Canucks are likely paying more to the league than they are receiving, with their revenue share payments being greater than their share of national TV revenues.
– The Coyotes are likely receiving more money from Canadian fans than they earn from local ticket sales.
– Being Canadian is even more important than size. Compared to the average city in the US, we estimate that being in Canada provides an additional $23 million in gate revenues, when controlling for the size of the city.

You can see the video on the TVO episode page by clicking here – Twelve Canadian Teams

Or download the 64.5 MB video here

Here’s a PDF of the paper, it’s long but very interesting right here

Just a word of warning, stop watching about 10 seconds before the end when he asks about this years Stanley Cup final. I’ve always known and tolerated that Steve’s a Leaf fan like most people from the area. His final comment was a shock, I’m going to have to rethink what shows I watch.

5 thoughts on “Canada Could Easily Support Many More Teams”

  1. @Christopher: had I known he was going to say what he said, I would’ve pulled the plug on him a lot earlier.

    And how many times did you hear Southern Ontario?

    On all fairness I liked what Keller had to say. Go Canada!

  2. Marjo, I don’t know where that came from, I was stunned, he’s usually very
    intelligent. I expected much better from the moderator of the past 2 English language federal election debates. Something like “Now that the Leafs are out, as usual, either of the remaining Canadian teams”.

    As Dennis has previously posted, Steve is usually very respectful of the Canadiens.

    Hopefully it was meant as a joke, a really bad joke.

  3. What ever happened to commentators being objective? Or maybe they never were because I was paying no attention. Anyway, it was weird but harmless…

  4. Christopher, to quote the baby in one of the Meet the Fockers movies he is an ” ass-hooooole!
    GO HABS GO!!!!

  5. Marjo, many commentators are ridiculous in the way they show their distaste for the Canadiens. The US guys are unbelievable homers. If we think Bob Cole is a homer, he’s nothing compared to some of the guys down south. The only way to shut announcers and everyone else up is to win. And that starts on Tuesday.

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