Canada Clips Yanks

Team Canada edged the U.S. 2-1 today and now hold a perfect 3 wins and no losses, while the Americans have put themselves in a bit of a pickle and must beat Slovakia tomorrow to stay alive. So at this moment, it’s good to be a Canadian.

Not so good for me personally though, was the lack of fire from Alex Galchenyuk. Galchenyuk was mostly quiet throughout, although he did earn an assist on the lone American goal. But as a Habs fan, I want the young fellow to dominate this tournament the way Jerome Iginla did in 1996, or Evgeny Malkin in 2006, or Brad Marchand most recently with the U17 ladies squad.

Galchenyuk for the most part was just an ordinary player against the Canadians. Not what I’d expected or hoped for. This wasn’t Guy Lafleur with the Quebec Remparts. It was more like Boris Borzakovsky with the Minsk Marauders.

But Canada won, and this is great if you’re a Canadian like me. So on one hand I’m ecstatic. On the other, a little disappointed.

Next up for Canada – Monday against the Russians, while Galchenyuk and his U.S. gang take on Slovakia.

Keep it going, Canada. Smarten up, Galchenyuk.


5 thoughts on “Canada Clips Yanks”

  1. The guy still has 5 points I think and for some reason his coaches aren’t playing him as much as they could. On another site they mentioned it may be punishment for not going through the NCAA system. Not sure if that’s true though.

    I wouldn’t give up on him yet Dennis. Keep the faith. He could also be distracted since Bryz said he quit his team recently because the lockout is ending. And we all know how reliable Bryz is. Hmm. So maybe he’s all excited because he knows he’ll be donning the greatest hockey sweater ever very soon?

  2. Pretty much 90% of the chances the Americans had were because of Galchenyuk, and he was playing wing! Also his stupid coach was playing matchups. The American broadcast was apparently angry he had so little ice time.

    Didn’t help they spent half the game in the box either… (He doesn’t play on their PK even though he does everything but play GOAL in Sarnia. Like I said, stupid USA coach)

    Team Canada is lucky he fanned on his last shot ’cause that was so going in. (Or rather stupid RNH stupid late stupid penalty is lucky)

  3. Darth, it sure seemed like he wasn’t getting serious ice time today. I’d like to find the stats somewhere on that. I sat down for the game today, ready for some huge Galchenyuk moments, and maybe only one or two came. He was just another player, and I’m, all of us, are hoping he’s going to be great with the Habs. I hope he rebounds tomorrow against Slovakia.

  4. Number 31, I wondered about him playing wing too. I just passed it off as the coach had something figured out that I couldn’t. I think Galchenyuk is most effective when he’s flamboyant, and it never came out today. Like you, I blame Housley for not using him more.

  5. He plays all forward positions anyway so it doesn’t matter where he goes. (Much like when he joins the Habs, I hope someone has the sense to put him on Pleky’s wing with Gionta). Either way, with like 13 minutes of ice time, he’s 2nd in tournament scoring (behind one RNH) and is basically the best USA has out there not a goalie.

    About the only adjustment his coaches made during the game was no put his #1 PP unit out first but second. And it worked ;D

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