Canada 6 Austria 0

“Whatcha think of the game, Elmer?”
“Best game I’ve ever seen, Red.”
“You gotta stay away from that homemade corn whiskey, Elmer.”

Press box

Just a couple of things to mention:

You could see the guys a bit more in sync in game two than in game one.

And speaking of game one, they showed a Canadian fan in the stands wearing one of those red and white “Cat in the Hat-type” hats. Do you think the person behind him who couldn’t see appreciated it?

For the second straight game, Shea Weber fired a laser from well out that bulged the twine, and I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that this guy’s shot might be in the top one or two hardest in the history of the game.

Don Cherry did his Coach’s Corner with some kind of dog hat on his head.

Announcers Jim Hughson, Craig Simpson, and Glenn Healy were really on top of things when they told us that the Sochi time-out snow shovelers aren’t as good as NHL snow shovelers.

PK Subban had a solid night. Hopefully Babcock and company thought so too.

It’s been said often that if Luongo played well in this game, it should be enough to use him from here on in, which is just silly. What about a bad game from him on Sunday, or the next game?

Carey Price still has a chance to be the guy, regardless of what they say. Luongo had an easier night, but he recorded a shutout. Price allowed one goal, which apparently was too many.

Sunday against Finland. It’ll be good to finally see a real challenge. And Saturday’s U.S.-Russia tilt should be a beauty.

4 thoughts on “Canada 6 Austria 0”

  1. Luongo also benefited from playing behind a team that was clearly more cohesive and in sync than the team which played yesterday.

  2. The goaltending job is Luongo’s to lose, as it was Brodeur’s to lose in Vancouver which he did. The problem for Price is that I think it will require at least one loss to consider a change. I’d hate for that loss to be in semi-finals or finals. Another problem for Price is that the goal he allowed was his own mistake.

  3. It was a mistake, Christopher. Price has made these puck handling mistakes often. But that was sort of what I was saying. As soon as Luongo has a bad game, if it happens, it’s Carey’s Olympics if he gets it done.

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