Canada 2 Finland 1 In Overtime

Two goals by Drew Doughty, one in the first period and another in overtime, gave Team Canada a 2-1 win over the Finns, and now Canada plays the winner of Tuesday’s Switzerland and Latvia contest in a quarterfinals contest to be held on Wednesday.

The Swiss beat Latvia 1-0 in an Olympic opener last week.

What a fine player Doughty is. Drafted number 2 overall in 2008 behind Steven Stamkos, this is a great skater, is smart with a nice tough of flair, has a good shot, and is a big reason why the Los Angeles Kings are a threat.

A young hockey star living in Tinseltown. I’m sure life is good for Drew Doughty. I wonder if Justin Bieber has his autograph.

The Finns were outplayed for the most part, but they lined themselves up as the Canadians attacked, and it made for a close, tight checking, hardworking affair.

Definitely not the barnburner the U.S. – Russia game was the other day, but it still allowed Canada to go 3-0 in the tournament and keep momentum flowing the right way.

The boys could have easily lost, but a late save by Carey Price kept things at one apiece and set the stage for Doughty’s heroics. I hope the coaches keep that in mind.

Price came through when called upon and everyone should be satisfied with they saw from him. Although Habs haters will have found several chinks in his armour of course.

But two goals allowed in two starts is pretty darn decent in my book.

Tuukka Rask at the other end was also excellent, and if he didn’t play for the Bruins, I’d say more nice things about him.

Martin St. Louis and P.K. Subban were healthy scratches, and P.K. especially might have made a difference. Big shots getting through that wall of players. His skating that might have opened things up somewhat.

“Whatcha think of Canada’s win today, Elmer?”
Subban shudda been there, Red.”

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11 thoughts on “Canada 2 Finland 1 In Overtime”

  1. Some of my observations regarding today’s game:
    1) The Finns played today like a national team version of the New Jersey Devils, and they played “the system” to perfection.
    2) To all of the people screaming that there should have been a slashing penalty called on Canada before the game-winning goal, well, there should have been a boarding call on the Finns just a couple of minutes before that, so shut up, haters.
    3) No one will be able to convince me that PK Subban and Martin St. Louis wouldn’t have been able to help Canada’s offense. In particular, St. Louis’ creativity would have been a welcome asset on that large ice surface, and PK Subban has been in Tuuka Rask’s head for several years now, so why would he NOT be in the lineup? Poor homework on Babcock’s part.
    4) Can we all agree that Chris Kunitz looks invisible out there? Ditto his Penguins teammate/team captain, Sydney Crosby.
    5) Carey Price must feel like the Montreal Canadiens traveled over to Sochi with him, given that Team Canada has scored the grand total of four goals in regulation for him in the two games that he has started?
    6) Price had no chance on the one goal that Finland scored. That was a perfect deflection by Ruutu, and no goalie would have stopped that deflection.
    7) I’m assuming Switzerland will win its elimination game and play Canada in the quarterfinals. That will NOT be an easy game at all, and we all remember what happened against Switzerland in Turin in 2006. And, Jonas Hiller is an elite goalie who is perfectly capable of stoning a better team.
    8) If Canada does get by Switzerland, then it’ll be the U.S. in the semifinals. The way the Americans are playing right now, that will be a very, very difficult game for Canada.

  2. Good comments Ian.
    They did play like the Devils. They lined up and waited for breaks. They’re not as good as Canada and it was what they had to do.
    I didn’t even see the slashing call. Maybe I was daydreaming at that point.
    Both Subban and St. Louis would have provided offence. I really think Subban especially should’ve been there. I’m not sure I’m a Babcock fan.
    Yes, I’ve thought about Crosby a lot since the tournament began. He hasn’t been the best player out there. But with a guy like him, he could break out at any time. Hopefully.
    Yes, Price isn’t getting the offence in front of him. And there’s always going to be Price haters.
    If the Canadians meet the Yanks, hopefully by then they’ll have it all together.
    So far so good. Three wins.But Crosby has to get going. And lines need to be set.

  3. Couldn’t agree with you more, Ian, on all your points.

    I wish and hope that Canada meets Russia for gold, that would be an explosive game!

  4. Phew.

    It took a couple of hours for me to recover from Team Canada’s show at our side of the rink…

    We did defend quite well, but game was a nightmare to watch. I’m surprised about the our defense, because I was sure it’s our weakest thing in the tournament.

    Would be nice to meet again in the final, but even a Bronze can be hard for Team Finland without our top 4 centers (Koivu brothers, Filppula and Barkov)

  5. Finland did what they had to do, Jarno. They were shorthanded, and they played a tight system. It was difficult for Canada, and Rask was solid. Those four guys you mention are key guys for sure. It was a very tense game. My wife was a nervous wreck watching the game. Finland always ices a nice team, year after year it seems.

  6. Thanks Marjo!

    I think we don’t want Crosby. We need someone who doesn’t fall on his asre every time he loses puck. 😉

    Salo is our only d-man who can shoot one timer so hard, that puck stays in the air from blue line to goal. 😀

  7. The thing I noticed in this game that really confused me was despite all the talent on team Canada they were doing the dump and chase just like the Habs. Now apparently one of the talking heads during the broadcast explained why this was a good idea but I missed it. Can anyone enlighten me?

  8. D-John, I think it was Cherry but I’m not exactly sure. I didn’t get it either. I prefer Bobby Dollas’ idea on radio that a team with lots of talent needs to display it -for their own confidence, and to shatter other teams. He said no one ever told Gretzky and Lemieux in the 1987 Canada Cup that they should play less minutes and more defensively, the way Babcock is now with players.

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