10 thoughts on “Can You Spot The Differences?”

  1. Excellent, Gillis. I was worried no one would find any differences. Both pictures look identical.

  2. Two pictures. Both are of Rangers…
    If the Habs played like they did last night there would be no difference whichever ones they played. They would get their buts kicked by either team.

    The Habs have put us on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. At times they play as if they are 100 years old, other times they can compete and defeat the biggest and best teams — and we can all start planning the parade.
    It’s enough to test the mettle of the most loyal of fans.
    So far this season, the Canadiens have become the Jekyll and Hyde of the NHL. And it’s begining to drive us all nuts.
    Which one will come out to play tonight?

  3. It’s true, Danno. We’re all getting tired of the roller coaster ride. I know it’s driving us all nuts and I’m at the point now where I say make a huge trade, even if it’s popular players leaving. Just do it. Puckgone said he hates what the Canadiens have become. We all do. It’s gone on for too long and if other teams can be good, we should be able to too. This loss last night had an impact on us all I think.

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