Can He Do It Tonight?

Here’s a page you might like to see, sent over from Darth. It’s a fine page, they ask the question did Gomez Score?, and they give the answer.

Yes, that ever elusive goal. The big goal. Where is it? Will it be the game-winner tonight against Detroit?

Can he get two?

It’s sort of like a player who has 49 goals and is going for 50.  Can he do it? Okay, it’s not like that.

Here’s the last big one – Feb. 5th, 2011. It’s also on the above link but this gives you the opportunity to see it twice.


3 thoughts on “Can He Do It Tonight?”

  1. Who won last night? Buffalo, Toronto, Washington, TB. We’re not getting much help, are we?

    Remember last year? It’s not like we were winning every game but I distinctly remember the hockey gods being on our side because every time we’d lose a game, the others wouldn’t fair well either…there seemed to be more luck last year than this year. Oh well.

  2. If he scores tonight I’ll be amazed. I think the crowd will go nuts if he does.

    I highly doubt that he will. I’m pretty sure he’ll make his anniversary.

  3. Darth, you could be there while history is being made. Some can say they were at Luzhniki in Moscow when Henderson scored to win it for Canada. You can say you were at the Bell when Gomez scored after only one year!

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