Cammalleri And The Other Zoomers Learning It Can Be Good To Be A Montreal Canadien

There were lots of goals, a few heart-stopping mistakes, and a delectable, come-from-behind charge, and in the end, it was a roof-raising 5-4 win by the Canadiens over a dangerous Rangers squad, and definitely an eye-popping hockey game that puts a big smile on all Habs fans.

The Montreal bars will be lively tonight!

Mike Cammalleri scored three, including the winner in overtime, and is the hero as we speak. Cammalleri could probably get a free car if he stopped at any car dealership on his way home tonight. He’s probably the most loved guy in the province of Quebec, at least for now and not including Mr. Beliveau, and is a perfect example of why stars around the league should line up to play for the Habs.The ones who refuse to go to Montreal because they don’t want the pressure, just don’t have the balls to be a hero like they could be. 

Cammalleri is probably thinking that right now, there’s no better place on the planet to be a professional athlete.

What a game. But there are a few things that need to be tightened up. Several tense, worrisome times, Montreal couldn’t get the puck out of their own end, and that needs to be addressed. And I’ve come up with a simple answer to the problems Marc-Andre Bergeron has with giving the puck up in his end, which he did on at least two glaring occasions tonight, one which led to a goal. When both Ryan O’Byrne and Andrei Markov are back, turn Bergeron into a forward. He’s a smallish defenceman but would be a good-sized forward. He’s a good skater, and wouldn’t have to concentrate on defensive situations he has problems with. And he can still play the point on the power play with his big shot.

Bergeron could be the new Bernie Geoffrion, who always went back on the power play because of his big shot and added an extra dynamic to the man-advantage. It’s a luxury to have this. And Bergeron could always take a spot from one of the non-existent forwards who I won’t bother to name. But there’s several I can think of.

That was a gutsy and tremendous win by the Canadiens, and even though they’re probably still a few weeks from really becoming a team, this was a huge step. They didn’t quit, they skated hard, D’Agostini and Lapierre combined for a beauty, and best of all, the gang once again showed they are an exciting and offensive bunch that can score more than one or two goals a game.

Random Notes:

Jaroslav Halak won his third straight in nets, but maybe now it’s time to see Carey Price for Mondays clash with the Islanders. Why not?

Montreal came back from down 4-2, with Bergeron making it 4-3, then Cammellari scoring the tying and winning goals.

Because I didn’t quite understand everything that was going on up in the RDS booth, I’d like to know who that young boy was who took over the play-by-play from Pierre Houde for a few minutes. I thought he did a good job, and is he the son of someone, or did he win this?

I will not be applying for any play-by-play work myself. My phobia won’t let me. My voice would quiver and I’d forget where I was.

40 thoughts on “Cammalleri And The Other Zoomers Learning It Can Be Good To Be A Montreal Canadien”

  1. Really fun game to watch today.
    All our goals were such beauties too.
    Gionta passes the puck backhanded and falling down to Cammalleri
    Lapierre and D’Agostini’s 2 on 1
    M-A Bergeron’s laser shot from the point
    and Cammalleri’s last two goals, what a great shot he has, and what a move on the OT goal.

    But not everything was perfect. As you said, there are things to improve on.
    Our biggest concern is defense. you don’t pass the puck to Gaborik on a breakaway, it’s a guarantee he will score. Very much like if a fat guy was invited to a thanksgiving dinner, he would gobble it up for himself

    But so far, i’m happy with what we’ve got.

    Speed kills.

  2. The boy in the booth with Pierre was a Cancer patient as it was Beat Cancer night at the Bell Center. Did you notice that they had clips of Pierre, Benoit and some of the other RDS broadcasters (i.e. Jacques Demers) at a reception just prior to the game?

    He is not Pierre’s son, but the girl standing next to him was Pierre’s daughter. He mentioned it on the air but you may have just heard a part of it.

    Yes he did an admirable job on the play by play and it was nice of Pierre and Benoit to let him have his moment in the spotlight given that it was such a tight game.

    Finally. How come you were watching the RDS feed and not CBC?

    For me, as soon as I heard Bob Cole’s voice, it was off to RDS!! I can’t stand Bob Cole any more. He is just totally clueless and still a Hab Hater because we criticized him so much for being pro Leafs all those years. However, I still recorded the English Feed because I still want to hear what’s happening on the Hot Stove. As for Cherry….Please put him out of his misery and replace him with Kelly Hrudy already!!!!

  3. It was a great game watching the team on offence. Now that Cammalleri has regained his finishing touch, we only need a few of the others to do the same for a well balanced attack. I thought almost everyone put in a good effort and the potential to score was always there. All except for a certain floater who is too overpaid to be traded or demoted.

    Defence was a problem, and not just by the defencemen. Too often the forwards seem to idly wait at the blue line for the puck to come to them. The interceptions occurred when the out manned defence would try to get the puck to them. Same player was the worst offender again.

  4. Plekanec has been impressing me, AK46 has to look up to Plekanec, after a lackluster season, he’s proving himself that he deserves to stay, where as Andrei’s still sitting on his ass waiting for someone to serve him the puck on a gold platter

  5. The few times Cammalleri was on with Plekanec, they did look good together. This might be a stupid idea, but how about Kostitsyn with Gomez and Gionta? It might give Kostitsyn an opportunity to get out of his useless phase and give us 2 solid lines. Or it might ruin all scoring.

  6. I don’t want Kostitsyn in our team at all. Get rid of him. We can’t ruin the Gionta, Gomez and Cammalleri line because a Belorussian can’t play without the aid of a consistent Alex Kovalev

  7. Peter, thanks for the info. I didn’t have a choice in regards to watching on RDS because where I live, up the coast from Vancouver, the only CBC game was Toronto-Vancouver. But I like RDS even though I miss a lot of the dialogue because I’m unfortunately not bilingual. And Bob Cole….yes Bob Cole.
    But what a great game, mistakes and all. It was one of those games where everyone at home and at the rink was probably wide awake.

  8. You could be right, Phil. A good team has no weak links or slackers so Kostitsyn either has to really get going, or just go.

  9. Christopher, putting Kostitsyn with the big guns could be a great idea. Even if only for a short time. Who knows? And did you notice that Chris Higgins did nothing ou there. We got so used to seeing that in previous years.

  10. The problem with Plekanec is he’s forgotten how to rack up points. He’s a good, quick skater and all that, but he needs to chalk up some points.

  11. Dennis, Plekanec is second in points for our team.
    They’re mostly assists, but they’re still points.

  12. haha, yeah pretty much. That’s why i said i was impressed with Plekanec, he’s doing well, some people just aren’t seeing it.

  13. Yeah, I honestly didn’t realize he’d creeped up the point board like that. Now I’m happier with him. I wish some of the others would creep up the point board like he has.

  14. It was a great game to watch for sure.

    Going into the 2nd period I was really wondering how the team would respond. They didn’t give up.

    They beat one of the best teams in the east coming out of the gate this season.

    And again… shots on goal a little bit higher in this one then the last 5… BUT they outshot the Rangers 31 – 27.

    The last 6 games, shots against are down and even though they allowed a bit more last night it’s a great sign to see them out shoot their opponent.

    We can think back to most of last season and previous years to see that there were many many games that we would get out shot badly.

    And again…. this was one thing Martin mentioned specifically.

    The new players, new coaching and new system…. I think it’s making a difference. It could even improve. The team has only played 10 games and with so many “new” factors it’s logical that it takes time to gel all this stuff together.

    Puck possession is the name of the game so far. Imagine if Markov comes back %100 and fresh…… our puck possession should only improve.

  15. Best game in a long time. Cammi’s OT winner has the house screaming with joy. Been a while that happened. CHips+Moen was good too. cbc/hnic sucks.

  16. Halak has contributed in a big way and is one of the key reasons the CH are now at .500. He won three games in a row and you can hardly fault him on most of the goals that got by him. Why is it he did not get a star for his efforts?
    If I was JM I would keep him in Monday against the Isles and, if he wins again, start him against the Penguins.

  17. I like Halak, he’s a solid goaltender. I don’t know why though, but i hate the fact that there’s a possibility that he can take over the #1 spot. Maybe ’cause Carey’s a good Canadian kid, who won Gold for Canada. I just root for him all the time, even through thick times. He’s also been scrutinized too often, i feel for him. I always hope he plays well and plays the next game after a bad one.

  18. I feel for the kid for the same reasons, but you have to give credit where credit is due. The focus should be on winning games. The argument in starting Price on Monday would be to get him in nets against the “easy” Isles sort of as a confidence boost before the true test against the Pens. But I would really love to see Jaroslav stay in to see how long he can keep the streak going…

  19. I completely agree with you, I think Jaro should start on Monday, but I really want Price to play. But Halak definitely deserves it more.

  20. I agree with you guys about Jaro and Price.

    In my opinion there’s a slight difference between how Price and Halak have been treated.

    Both being good young goaltenders, Price was treated as “the future no 1”.. where as Halak was almost an after thought….

    But Halak, even though he’s been disappointed about having to go back to Hamilton a few times, has definitely earned the respect and playing time in the lineup. Where as it’s been handed to Price.

    In my opinion if Price is put in a similar situation IE playing Halak more evenly with Price it could create a sense of competition between the 2….. could increase Price’s work ethic and hunger for that no 1 job.

    There is no doubt that Halak has earned his playing time…. and Halak is also an example for our Sergei K over in Hamilton…. if he so chooses to admit he’s basically still a rookie in the NHL and decide that he needs to earn a spot on a roster.

  21. Montreal has without a doubt, fried Carey’s mind. You never see the media interviewing Halak because he’s basically a nobody. and Carey Price is, as you said, “The Next Patrick Roy”. The pressure of Montreal got the best of him. He’s still young, he’ll learn to ignore it.

  22. After you guys mentioned Plekanec(I didn’t think he was doing as well either) I decided to see how the new guys are doing vs the ones we lost.

    Cammalleri 11 pts

    Gomez 7 pts

    Gionta 6 pts

    Kovalev 4 pts

    Koivu 3 pts

    Higgins 2 pts

  23. Another tidbit of research. Former Hab Mike Komisarek got another goal last night – by putting the puck in his own net – but this time he didn’t use his headbutt technique.

    Vancouver Sun: “Raymond had ample help on his goal as Leafs defenceman Mike Komisarek actually swept it into his own net during a wild scramble…”

  24. Oh and comparing the D-men, Leafs salvation Mike Komisarek vs No Skill Gill,(I’m sorry I will never like him).

    Both with no points both at -4 with Gill having fewer penalty minutes. LOL great stats!

  25. Off topic, but important:

    I am now dreading the upcoming match against the Leafs at the Bell Centre on Halloween.

    Remember the curse of the barber-poll striped vintage jersey? It has come back from the grave to haunt us once more. Could be very scary if it jinxes us into being the 1st team to lose to the Leafs…

    (From Habs Inside Out):

    Vintage jerseys:

    The original sked would have had the Canadiens wearing 1910-’11 jerseys against Atlanta on Tuesday. That one will be on Nov. 10 against the Flames and again on Jan. 23 against the Rangers. The dread 1912-’13 barber poles, which Bob Gainey decided should not be worn when the team was fighting for its playoff life last March 31, will rise from the crypt on Halloween against the Leafs.

  26. Dennis, when O’Byrne and Markov are back in the lineup I’m not sure what they’ll do. Maybe there will have been a move by then.

    Who knows.

    But I wouldn’t doubt that it would be an option. I’d keep him in the lineup somewhere because I think he’s a value on the PowerPlay.

    I guess Streit was used in similar fashion.

  27. They’ll have too many defencemen for sure. And it’s imperative they keep Bergeron, he’s so dangerous with his shot. They need that. So a couple of d-men will have to go.

  28. A year ago I would have said O’Byrne could go, no problem. But after seeing him this year, I’ve changed my mind. This guy has come a long way. They must have seen it in when he was making so many mistakes previously, and they stuck with him. And I don’t think you send a veteran like Hal Gill down to the minors. So a package with defence and Sergei in a trade could happen.

  29. I noticed Higgins when he took the second penalty giving Montreal the 5 on 3 to get them going again.

    I too was surprised by Plekanec’s point totals. But in most games I thought he was making a good effort and making things happen.

    Dennis, you’re right about Bergeron, he’s built like a winger. He skates and shoots like one too. And he has some defencive lapses. So why is he a defenceman?

  30. Bergeron was probably made a defenceman in peewee and just stayed there. They’re definately going to have to shuffle things around when O’Byrne and Markov get back. Great game, eh?

  31. Dennis, it looks like Martin took your advice about playing Bergeron as a winger. Are you sure you’re not the new owner?

  32. I think it’s a worthy experiement to put Bergeron at forward.

    Experiment went well against the Bruins.

    Good job Dennis!

  33. No, Chris, I’m not the owner. All I asked was 400 people to give me a measly million each and nobody did. So the dream died. And now, after everyone’s seen what I can do with the players (Bergeron), I’m sure sure everyone’s kicking themselves.

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