Cameron Talks To The Kids

In 60 years, Cameron will be 62, and he’ll sit in his Forum chair and he’ll tell anyone who will listen that when he was born there were only 30 teams, most players only made a million or three, and equipment the players wore was so basic it was almost laughable.

“They might as well have not even worn equipment,” he’ll tell them.

He’ll say with pride he saw legends like Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin play many times on television, but of course in those days, TV screens were only 40 inches or so. “They were simpler times,” he’ll say wistfully as the kids move closer to hear. “We didn’t mind the small TV’s. We didn’t know any different. And speaking of small, most players back then were under six foot five, believe it or not.”

He’ll tell them his grandfather was a big Habs fan and that’s how he became one too. “Grandpa loved the Habs,” he’ll say with pride. “He even had a Habs blog. I remember him telling me about Carey Price and PK Subban and all those old fellows from back then. And from time to time he’d get misty-eyed when he’d talk about the Rocket and Beliveau who played a hundred years ago and he’d have to leave the room for a spell.Yes sir, he loved his Habs.”

“This is his chair that was passed down to me,” continues Cameron. “It’s from the old Forum and Grandpa had a friend make it into sort of a normal chair. But you kids wouldn’t know about the Forum. Heck, it was even before the Bell Centre which is long gone too.”

“Yep, I’d give my eye teeth to go back in time and see hockey from then, when it was real hockey, not like the homogenized stuff you see now in 3D and actual size, playing in your living room. It’s just a business now. Everyone wants to be a billionaire and many are already.

Back then, kids, it was real hockey.

15 thoughts on “Cameron Talks To The Kids”

  1. Dennis, that’s a really fine chair. And Cameron’s a really fine grandson. And one lucky little guy to have such a fine grandpa like you.

  2. Passing the torch to the next generation – Habs fans for generations! Tradition!

    Dennis, that is one gorgeous chair. Every king has his throne.

  3. I approve wholeheartedly, Dennis. Get them while they’re young and turn them towards the light that is our beloved team. I am working the same mojo on my 14 month old nephew. He even already has a little bitty Habs jersey. God forbid I don’t due my duty and he grows up to be a Leafs fan. Can you imagine the horror? As responsible adults, it’s on us to guide the children properly for the future.

    He’s a cutie for sure. Hopefully he’ll still look as happy about the Habs when he’s 62 and holding court in that awesome chair.

  4. Good for you, Tyg. What will really help will be when the Canadiens win the Cup. Then we’ll see lots of little kids become Habs fans. And if your nephew becomes a Leaf fan, I’m coming after him.

  5. Hey Dennis, Did your chair come like that or did you do the reno’s on it?Either way I like it and am considering doing something like that with mine.I think my daughter will inherit mine as she is a great Habs fan as well,my two boys are canuck fans.

  6. A friend of mine did most of it, Derry. I just wanted something different. My wife doesn’t think it’s the most beautiful thing, though.

  7. Looks like Cameron will follow in his Grandpa’s footsteps and be a great storyteller and blogger too. Good to know I’ll still have something good to read if I last that long.

    In 60 years will he tell about a time when the NHL/NHLPA only had a lockout/strike every 5-10 years or will he tell about the time when they were so greedy they actually had lockouts and strikes?

  8. Hey Dennis, Either way it is still a forum seat,I think it looks good.I have mine mounted on the aluminum stands it came with still.

  9. DK, Ilike what you did with your seat. I also have one & it was the seat I sat on watching the 3rd last game at the “Forum”. I could’nt beleave it when they asked which seat I wanted so this seat is very special to me! I think I sent you a photo of it.
    Cheers from the East!!!

  10. great seat……… will cameron tell the story of the much despised gary bettman being injested by crocodiles on a failed florida road trip to find prospective new franchises in that hockey mad state?

  11. Mike, you did send me a great picture of your Forum seat. And it’s very cool that you got one that you sat in. Very special indeed.

  12. As much as I don’t get your obsession for hockey or the habs (I guess maybe it’s comparible to my obsession for horses), I admire your passion. As long as Cam doesn’t kick me off my favourite show for a hockey game (I guesss you’ll have to buy him his own t.v when he’s older for that reason, you know, since it’ll be your fault if he does), I guess it’s okay that you insist he’s a habs fan. I hate to think of the day that he may announce that he’s a Canuck or Flames fan, or, God forbid the Leafs. Or what if he doesn’t even like hockey? What if he’s into art or dancing or soccer? What then? You’d better prepare yourself dad, just incase. I’d hate to think that my son would be responsible for a heart attack. 🙂

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