Byron And Price Seal Win

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It was one eye on the game, one eye on the U.S. election, and one eye on closing day at Classic Auctions’ fall auction, where I was selling some of my stuff.

But with the first eye I saw the Canadiens dropkick the Boston Bruins 3-2 at the Bell Centre, after Paul Byron notched the winner with just 1:02 remaining, and with Carey Price once again holding the fort and racking up first star on the night.

Better than the Habs’ showing against the Leafs eleven days ago. A slight improvement over their game against Philly four days ago. And it goes without saying, a major league improvement over the 10-0 debacle in Columbus five days ago.

But they were still outshot badly against the Bs, 41-23, but maybe it’s not even worth mentioning. They’re badly outshot every game.

The first period saw the home team with more jump than we’ve seen lately, like they were truly focused on waking from their coma. Either that or the wives kicked them into the spare room in the basement.

But even so, Boston outshot the boys 14-5, so jump or no jump, some cracks still aren’t filled.

In the second frame, Shea Weber would open the scoring on the power play with his patented blast from the blueline, but less than a minute later, Boston evened things up.

And then, just twenty seconds later, Alex Galchenyuk lit the lamp and the crowd, as they say, went wild.

In the final frame, Boston would convert on their power play with Alexei Emelin in the box, and it was finally left to Byron to come through in the end.

You have to think that 10 wins in the last 11 games isn’t all that bad, even with a 10-0 loss thrown in. Kind of what Michel Therrien was saying in his press conference earlier.

The Vancouver Canucks would kill for that record.

Random Notes:

Canadiens were 1/2 on the power play (Weber).

Weber’s goal was his fourth power play marker, and his fifth overall of this young season. Chucky’s goal was also his fifth.

Alex Radulov collected 2 assists on the night, and is tied with Weber and Galchenyuk with 11 points so far this season.

Canadiens record stands at 11-1-1.

Worth mentioning, and a play that really caught one of my eyes’ attention – Jeff Petry crushed Ryan Spooner into the boards in Emelin, Weber-type fashion. Beauty, eh?

Next up – Thursday, when the boys host the L.A. Kings.

Finally I can rest one eye. And the other two are beginning to get tired.



11 thoughts on “Byron And Price Seal Win”

  1. Hi Dennis…we’ll the record keeps improving but my oh my how can they sustain this type of game and keep getting positive results. With less than really good goaltending they would be in trouble. I too thought they played a bit better last night than against Philly but they playing like they have no system to guide them. Look I am trying to stay positive but they look like a team that needs an injection of pride with exception of a few players. Shaw is almost a non-fiction out there. He doesn’t even hit and seems to be late getting to where he needs to be much of the time. Max surely is not going to survive the way he is playing….way to relaxed out there. Man what a sin to have the ability he has a be that disinterested. He could be an elite player if he played with some drive and passion. DD well all I need to stop watching this team at all is for him to be resigned to another multimillion dollar contract. It just wouldn’t surprise me. Anyhow we get ready to see their effort this next 3 games. The Kings may bring some hitting to the game and as we all know that is not our strength.

  2. Dennis, I think it could cost at least 10 mil to sign Price when his current contract runs out and I’d pay it. He deserves at least as much as guys like Kane and Toews are getting. The real question is will he want to stay in Mtl and I don’t think that’s a given.

  3. What if Price offered to stay for 6 mill AND a promise to ditch Thornbush. Then he’d be worth 15 mill.

  4. Peter I kind of think you are correct. I have never liked this gruff man at all. It started from my reading about him in the AHL how he was so rude and arrogant there. The pissing off the bus steps to being a jerk with everyone. He probably doesn’t do some of that now but he looks like he would.

  5. Cliff, maybe they can build off a half-decent game like that. It’s still really early. One thing about Shaw – I was reading something from a Hawks fan and he said that Shaw gets better as the playoffs get closer, and in the playoffs he becomes valuable. I’ll take that. I’m one to forget about the regular season as soon as the playoffs start anyway.

  6. D-John, I’ve had the impression for some time that Angela Price, who is American, wouldn’t mind one bit living in the states. But I really don’t know. It’s just from watching Hockey Wives. ?

  7. Peter, I’m going to arrange for you and Thorncrap to get together with beer and hammer these things out.

  8. DK, you just might be right about Prices wife. I know she was none to pleased with the Montreal press for leaking the news of their new born and made it very public that she was pissed that they didn’t have the chance to announce it when they were ready to!

  9. Those darn wives, Mike. I think it’s crucial for the team that the wives live in Powell River during hockey season, far from the action, so the boys can concentrate.

  10. Hab’s fans, like kids on a sugar high right now. Yes, it’s the real King of Crib. I’m not up to snuff yet with the e-mail. My number is 613 680 8124. Give me a quick call. P.S. poor Montoya.

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