Bye Bye Bruins!

I don’t care if Joel Ward makes 3 million bucks a year. I’d like to buy him several beers and a steak dinner. For the time being, Joel Ward is my new hero.

Ward scored the game seven overtime winner to eliminate the Boston Bruins, and hey Joel, can I wash your car? Clean your toilet? Paint your house?

So long Bruins. Arrivederci Brad Marchand.

And the Bostonians couldn’t even take advantage of the ref’s help when he gave Washington a borderline penalty with just over two minutes left in a 1-1 game.

The Bruins gone in the first round. If I were a better typist I’d pound that out a bunch of times. But typing it even once is sweet enough.


29 thoughts on “Bye Bye Bruins!”

  1. Well, I have one correct playoff prediction this year – the Kings eliminating the Canucks.

    Am I ever glad to be wrong here! I hate to be a mean-spirited prick but it felt so good seeing that goal go in. Loved how a lot of those ‘fans’ just upped and left on the spot. Nice way to support your heroes people.

    Dennis I’ll add to your beer and I’ll make him some of my peanut butter and chocolate fudge.

    If it were the weekend I’d have a beer to celebrate. Sadly I’ll have to wait until then.

  2. I forgot to add: Semin sucks! Please please don’t pick him up new Habs GM. We don’t need a floater like him around.

  3. In the last two game sevens played in Boston – The Bruins have been penalized two minutes…..

  4. looks sooooo good on thomas…….. the teabagger eliminated by a black man……….. he has played his last game as a bruin… will the leafs sign him or luongo?

  5. @Martin, that’s disturbing. I’m still po’d about the no-call offsides in OT of game 3 from last year!

    On the brighter side, we can wait another 38 years until Boston wins it all again! I heard the Caps network call of the winning goal. Maybe Jack Edwards will enjoy it because it’s his vintage gloat.

    Now if the Flyers go down, I can cheerful say that truly don’t give a f*** who wins!

    Is it me, or are things WAY too quiet in Montreal?

  6. The next best thing of them all? It was a Pouliot giveaway that lead to the game winning goal! And they went out and signed him last summer. Great investment.

  7. What a birthday present I got last nite. There are only a few things better than that but DA BRUINS LOST!!!!! I went to bed a happy camper and awake today knowing that there is turmoil in Beantown because of that loss. GO HABS GO!

  8. Hobo is right.

    I think it’s sweet that Tim Thomas gets beaten by a black player from Washington given that it was Thomas who snubbed Barack Obama when he invited the Bruins to visit the White House. This truly is payback.

    Joel Ward’s goal:

  9. Anyone see the amount of racist tweets last night from Boston fans? Wow. Makes all of them look like a bunch of racist scumbags.

    That makes Ward’s goal even sweeter to watch.

  10. Dennis, glad to see this made your day. Rivalry is a beautiful thing. Heck, I’d even buy Ward a steak for putting them out of their misery. The better team won.

  11. Danno, it said it was removed by the user. I don’t understand. If the person put it up, why did it go down? Regardless, thanks for doing it again.

  12. Thanks Diane. The rivalry starts up again next year. It’s time you moved over to the good side. We’ll buy you a steak.

  13. Darth, I’ll fly there and join you for beer and fudge. I’ll go on my diet when I come back.

  14. Martin, it’s all a bit fishy, especially that late-game penalty against Washington. Imagine if Boston had scored on that PP.

  15. Hobo, the Vancouver media wants Luongo to go but say his contract which still has ten years left on it, makes it complicated. Why do GM’s do these long term things? Luongo will be 43 when it ends.

  16. Dishonest John, I had a talk with Didier Pitre and a few others and they assured me they’d take care of things. And they did.

  17. Mike, things are very quiet in Montreal, although Serge Savard has admitted he’s talked to Patrick Roy. And Jack Edwards cried so hard his wife had to give him a wedgie to make him stop.

  18. Darth, the other night a Pouliot penalty that cost them, and then a giveaway. Pouliot and Gomez and Kaberle should go on tour.

  19. dra58. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope it was a beauty, and I’m glad the Caps gave you a nice gift. And I love Beantown turmoil. Makes my day, and yours, and all of us. Again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

  20. Darth, I haven’t seen those tweets, but that’s disgusting for them to do this. This is one of the problems with social networking. Scum can have their say.

  21. In the words of Robert Browning:

    God’s in his Heaven –
    All’s right with the world!

    (Or at least the hockey bit of it)

  22. It’s not quiet in Montreal. All hell’s breaking out, the students are rioting over an increase in the country’s lowest tuition rates. This is what happens when the Canadiens don’t make the playoffs. People can’t handle it.

    Racist idiots have been around forever. Before only a few knew how ignorant these buffoons were. Now they prove it to all their family, friends, neighbours, colleagues, the whole world. I can’t imagine the conversation they will have with their grandkids when it is still available online.

    God may have looked in the right direction of his heaven but he remains just as lost as he has been for almost 20 years. All won’t be right in the world until the Stanley Cup has been safely tucked away in Montreal for several consecutive years.

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