Bye Bye Bruins

Don’t poke the bear? Why, what happens?

I found that statement arrogant and I wanted to shove it down the throat of anyone who said it.

How sweet it is. How sweet that the Montreal Canadiens went into Boston and won game seven and the series. Once again the Canadiens prove to be Boston’s biggest headache.

I love that!

How sweet that with a hard-fought 3-1 win, the Habs send Boston fans home unhappy and the Bruins into summer hibernation.

How sweet that Dale Weise got the game’s first goal, that Max Pacioretty scored his second in two nights, and Daniel Briere notched an assist on Weise’s goal and banked a puck off Zdeno Chara’s skate for the insurance marker.

Thank you Zdeno. You ruined any chance of a comeback. With a little help from Johnny Boychuk, who was penalized in the last few minutes for crosschecking Michael Bournival in the face.

Self destruction, and don’t blame the zebras for ruining the party.

It wasn’t easy for the Canadiens though. Not by a country mile. The Bruins spent far too much time in Montreal’s end, pelting 30 shots at Carey Price while just 18 went Tuukka Rask’s way.

The pressure was on, but Price was once again outstanding, and when a goalie allows just one goal in two pressure-packed playoff games, you know he’s zoned in, and now even more so, the sky really is the limit.

I wonder what Don Cherry is doing, now that the bear got poked not quite the way he was thinking. Put away your Bruins cufflinks and ties, Don. And if you dig deep, maybe you can think of  a couple of nice words to say about the Montreal Canadiens next time you’re on TV. Can you bring yourself to do this, or is it simply impossible?

Brad Marchand? Such a despicable piece of work. We know he’s not exactly a Mensa candidate, but showering Price with snow was truly an idiotic move. And his punching, slashing, chopping, and hacking added up to exactly nothing.

And I don’t know yet what tasteless and classless things Milan Lucic said to Dale Weise during the handshake, but whatever it was, I suppose it’s not all that surprising.

But that’s all I want to say about that team. They’re hibernating and we’re moving on to meet the Rangers to decide best in the east. How cool is that?

This series win was all about hard work and digging deep. About plumbers becoming household names and guys believing. It was about not giving up, giving all they had, and we as fans benefit from having such a character team to cheer for.

We savour this, let it sink in for the next few days, and focus on how the boys match up against Henrik Lundqvist and Marty St. Louis and rest of the Blueshirts.

But right now, our team got it done against a very fine Bruins team, and it’s something to be very proud of.





I just can’t say enough about this team right now. Such character throughout. Digging deep, playing with heart and soul, and winning games six and seven

24 thoughts on “Bye Bye Bruins”

  1. Lucic showed his cowardice in the handshake line.

    Julien showed why his firing was a great character by the Canadiens.

    Marchand showed he is a liability at crucial times.

    Rask showed he is overrated.

    Charra showed how father time has passed him.

    Poke yer bear, Cherry? Who has the best record post-trade deadline?


  2. They did it! thank goodness! what a relief Aislin shows it well too!

    O I was on the edge jumping up & down and in out of the room had the game on on the computer on the radio you name it! Anyhow they are on the way…t he socalled fierce bear has gone down inflames, let them rot in hell until they learn to play a real game .GoHabs Go Price is a king. Saturday’s next game….×400

  3. Ps I didnt watch it on television but watched it on the computer and saw the American broadcast. Of couse they are fans for their side, but not nearly as the dead beats at HNIC. They’d ruin a victory just for spite.

    Good on Weiss
    On the Patch
    And Mister Briere!

    By the way Guy Lafleur predicated they would win tonight. Well, Guy is a great prophet i would not have ventured a prediction the game was nerve wracking!

  4. Lucic’s post-game interview is an embarrassment for a professional. As was Julien’s.

  5. I only hope that someone takes Don Cherry to the Toronto Zoo, makes him poke a bear, and watches and laughs while the bear shreds his stupid suit of the day. And then says “Go Habs Go”. I want Hockey Night in Canada overhauled… and watchable again. I long for the days when I didn’t hate it outright.

  6. Poked the Bear,
    Killed the Bear,
    Skinned the Bear,
    Hang it on the wall for Don Cherry to see!!

  7. Hey can you find any Habs bobble head in your area I can only find team Canada and nucks

  8. Danno, what did Lucic mean when he talked about the goal celebration at the end of the clip?

  9. Does anyone notice how everything feels better today? What a glorious day!

    I’m still in the clouds over this one. Wow. I’m grinning so much that my helmet cracked.


  10. wow wow wow wow wow we did it we did it. Game 1 was all Carey Price, game 6 and 7 a whole team effort. This version of the bruins is the un-classiest of many classless bruins teams (except for bergeron). Now unto the Rangers…Habs in 6. I hope Anaheim beats LA for 2 reasons. First, lets get those super defensive teams out of there and second, for the sake of Saku Koivu (and Teemu Selanne;) If by some miracle the Habs lose then i can live with these two winning the cup.

  11. Don Cherry. Well past his USE BEFORE date. I just want the refs to be fair. Gag, oops, I got a little on my tie.

  12. Just a couple of observations.
    I liked seeing Thornton give PK a pat on the shoulder in the handshake line. That was classy.
    Don Cherry dressed in yellow with his Boohooins cuff links and ties saying “I try to be Fair!” Moronic.
    Beaulieu dumping the puck in at the blue line and then absolutely blowing by the D-men and getting to the puck first. Awesome!

  13. Hey Denis

    I must admit I have been watching very little of the NHL playoffs.I am certainly happy the Habs eliminated the Boston ‘Whiners’.

    Article by Ed Willes in The Province on May 8 ,2014.

    Let’s see … Lucic backs down from some punks in Vancouver and bad mouths the city.But then Lucic is a punk himself.He was a punk in the BCHL and the WHL and is now an ‘overpaid’ punk.

    Good luck to the Habs!


    PS Can the Canucks please have Dale Weise back?

  14. Thanks Doug. And to anyone who might be reading this, I recommend the link Doug provided, written by the Vancouver Province’s Ed Willes. It’s great.

  15. Marjo, maybe Lucic was offended by Weise patting his crest after scoring. You know, just like Lucic did before that.

  16. And Roz, more than anyone, PJ Stock has to go. Although the further the Habs get, the nicer he is about them. Ain’t it strange?

  17. William, it just goes to show that speed and heart beats thuggery every time. kind of like the Broad St. Bullies getting their asses kicked in the 70s. Price is king.

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