But Will It Get Me Into The Bell Centre?

Aside from being a member of the media, how could you get into this place FOR FREE?

You got a job there and used your pass.

Stewart Cummings, whoever he is (or was), worked at the Montreal Forum during the 1963-64 season. This was his pass to get in, although it didn’t entitle him to a seat. He also had to pay tax on it.

And if he still worked there in following years, along with every Habs game and practice, he could have used it to see the Beatles, who played the Forum on February 8, 1964, or the Rolling Stones in 1965, plus numerous circuses and Ice Capades and wrestling and all kinds of stuff, .

A pass like this was pure gold.

7 thoughts on “But Will It Get Me Into The Bell Centre?”

  1. Another funny thing: those who own luxury boxes still have to buy tickets. You’d think shelling out over 100 grand would also get you seats galore.

    God I’d love to have a pass like this.

    They’re having a draw for season tickets now. A ticket costs about 20$ but it seems like it’s worth it. The tickets cost about 10,000 dollars.

    A press pass seems like it’d be great to have. Then you would get a free seat I think. Just kick Mike Boone or Francois Gagnon out and take their seat.

  2. I had my own roadblocks in trying to get a pass last season; I’ll share this story with you the next time we get a chance to talk; great conversation last time, of course.

    You mention the tax this fellow had to pay and I had to smile.

    Another way is to work with the Canadiens organization itself. And a third (which is what I remember benefiting from when I lived in Calgary) is as an events security person. But that might not get you in for the hockey. I got several free concerts at the Saddledome and home games for the Stamps when I worked for Wackenhut. I really shouldn’t give those keystoners a free plug.

  3. HDS, I’m itching to hear how you got your pass. And I’ve been trying to work for the Canadiens for decades but they just don’t seem to need a stick boy or someone to make the wives comfortable. But I’m never giving up.
    I lived in Calgary from ’89 to ’95. Where you there then?

  4. Good evening Mr Kane,

    If your 1963-64 ticket should get you in, i shoulg get better seats with my 1950-51 season tickets !!!! lol

    Allan…can you email me plz

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