But What Would They All Do?

Jacques Lemaire has quit the Minnesota Wild, GM Doug Risebrough was fired from the Minnesota Wild, and Serge Savard is interested in buying the Montreal Canadiens.

With Bob Gainey and Doug Jarvis already there, and Guy Lafleur and Yvon Cournoyer working as team ambassadors, Montreal could have a 1970’s team all over again. If they could somehow convince Ken Dryden and Frank Mahovlich to quit politics and come aboard, Pierre Mondou and Larry Robinson to ditch the New Jersey Devils, Guy Lapointe to forget about scouting for the Wild, and Mario Tremblay to follow Lemaire out of Minnesota.

Not sure what they’d all do in Montreal, but it’s a lot of combined Stanley Cups, for what it’s worth.

2 thoughts on “But What Would They All Do?”

  1. I don’t know how easily you can separate Risebrough and Lemaire. We blame, credit, Lemaire with the style of hockey the Wild have played for their entire history but as the GM Risebrough endorsed Lemaire’s style. That was my second thought which squashed my first thought which was that Risebrough may be an interesting pick up due to his experience. Any former player should only be considered for a position with the current team if they have something to offer that would help make the team successful. That would mean something other than a resume that includes playingtime with the Mtl Canadiens.

  2. I know for sure they’re both good hockey men. And I know from personal experience that Risebrough is a good man, period. So if either or both can make the Habs better, regardless of boring hockey, then I’m all for it.

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