4 thoughts on “But What About The Stick Boy Position?”

  1. Dennis, stick boy is much too important a job to be awarded by a radio contest. It’s not like the GM where someone completely lacking in hockey sense can do the job. Stick boy is reserved for someone who’s been training for the position for decades.

  2. Maybe the reason they don’t hire Dennis is because they’re afraid he’ll crack to many people on the head with sticks when he gets annoyed with them…like a certain Gomez would probably sit as far away from Dennis as humanly possible.

  3. Darth, the first thing I would do as GM would be to have Gomez wash floors and take out the Bell Centre trash. Then when the garbage truck comes along, I’ll sneak out from behind the Rocket’s statue and throw Mr. Gomez in.

  4. Chris, about what you said about the stick boy job. You are so right. And once I get the job, we’re all going back to wood sticks. If it was good enough for the Rocket, it’s good enough for the modern guys.

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