Bust Those Bruins

Game day, with the Bruins in town and Carey Price still not ready. Although Brandon Prust apparently is.

If Peter Budaj is in goal, we’re going to need a slightly better outing from him than what we’ve seen recently. Budaj lost his last three starts and often looked shaky in the process. I hope his confidence isn’t wavering.

If it’s Tokarski, he looked good in his team’s 4-3 shootout win in Anaheim, and there’s no reason why he can’t stone the Bs too.

Whoever’s in goal needs help in front of him. Things have to be tighter. And there’ll be no Josh Gorges blocking shots, as the Dairy Queen mogul is gone for a month with broken bones in his hand.

Mike Weaver should pick up the slack nicely. He plays a similar game to Gorges.

I guess it should be mentioned too that the boys in front of Budaj scored a total of three goals in those three games he just lost, so it goes without saying that that needs some serious improving on.

Canadiens handled the Bruins in their two games played so far. A 2-1 win on Dec. 5 with Price in nets, and a 4-1 thrashing on Jan. 30 with Budaj between the pipes and which saw Tuukka Rask get yanked in the second period.

More of the same is in order for tonight. It would also be nice to see Thomas Vanek make a fine impression.

And Rene Bourque deserves to be a healthy scratch. At this stage of the game, giving 50% doesn’t cut it.

17 thoughts on “Bust Those Bruins”

  1. I think that the only way you can say that Rene Bourque is giving 50% is if that number represents all of his “efforts” this season added up together!

    Budaj has historically played well against the Bruins. Let’s hope that that trends continues, because we still have no idea when Carey Price will be back.

  2. I just read my tea leaves and they tell me the REAL Thomas Vanek will come out to play tonight.

  3. Hey Dennis! The red toque with the pom pom is on standby.

    It’s snowing like the dickens in Ottawa. This weather is no good for growing coconut trees like you did in Powell River 😆

  4. Christopher, this is what when we see what Weaver’s made of. But Gorges is important and I don’t think he gets enough credit from many.

  5. No Danno, this doesn’t work for palm trees at all. I’ll tell you, it’s awfully nice to be inside looking out at it instead of in it. like some of the jobs I had over the years.

  6. I think he’s a tough bugger so maybe he’ll heal fast. We have problems on defence as it is.

  7. It would be a good opportunity to play both Tinordi and Beaulieu, but with all the recent additions I don’t think we have the cap space. In a couple of weeks or when Tokarski is returned to Hamilton we’ll have the space.

    Lack of cap space may also be the reason why Dubnyk is in Hamilton. He makes over twice Budaj’s salary. I hope he wasn’t obtained because there are concerns that Price may be out for the year.

  8. Christopher, Therrien was saying that Price is getting closer and they’ll decide at week’s end. But maybe he feeding us a line. Keeping fingers crossed.

  9. Michel Therrien is the same guy who said it was nothing serious and Price would miss two games.

  10. I agree, Christopher and Danno. The Price thing is a concern, and getting Dubnyk was odd. It came right out of the blue. I didn’t know he was making that much. Cripes.

  11. We could use some frickin goals , rant all you want about Budaj but being out scored by wide margins in consecutive games does not help. Cripes, how would you like to be a tender knowing your team May scored 2 or less goals on a far too regular basis. Time for the offence to start burying their chances instead of having to mount comebacks most of the time . I’m a diehard but these forwards are not earning their keep just like E- town losing every year this lack of scoring for so long is getting ultra tired !

  12. Totally agree, Joe. Budaj’s let in some weak ones, but the team isn’t scoring and it’s getting very tiring watching them not score like you say. They brought in Vanek to help this situation but so far……

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