Build It And They Will Come…. And About that DQ

Photo taken by Darth last year.

And of course in a few minutes the place will be jam-packed because it always is. But maybe this will be the kind of crowds the Bell and other rinks will see after a future lockout.

On second thought, probably not. They can bitch slap us all they want, and a whole whack of us will still go.

Plus…..last year I gave Josh Gorges the heads-up –  Attention Gorges Family, on the local Powell River Dairy Queen, which went out of business because – and this is my theory – they had about a dozen 16-year old girls working there who probably ate most of the profits and gave free banana splits and Dilly Bars to their boyfriends who wear their pants down around their knees.

Josh and his family own three or so of these DQ’s in Kelowna and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to expand to the coast. Maybe even make it a Dairy Queen/Habs sports bar and ice cream emporium!

Well, I’d like to report that….. IT’S STILL FRIGGIN EMPTY. C’mon Gorges family. Hurry up.


7 thoughts on “Build It And They Will Come…. And About that DQ”

  1. I agree with Danno. The Habs logo there would look just right.

    My neighbour says that we should all boycott the NHL when it comes back because that is the only way they’ll learn. I don’t know if that would be easy since people like me exist who are addicted to the product like it’s the world’s greatest drug. I have a hard time waiting in the summer for the new season and the idea of not watching games when it actually is on is one that bothers me a lot.

    Hell, as it is if I miss a game (or part of one) during the year for some reason or other like doing errands, I go nuts. To pass up on watching on purpose…yeesh.

    I hate that this is happening. Damn greed.

  2. If you advertise it to the local Goldwing Club that a DQ is available, you’d have to beat them off with a (hockey) stick!! Goldwing riders LOVE their Dairy Queens….and to have one of their very own! Oh, the vapors!

  3. Yes indeed, Danno. It would look just great. But we know what would happen – like the little meat place in Montreal.

  4. Darth, we can watch them on TV and the owners don’t see one red cent of parking, beer, and ticket money. But having said that, it sure is a treat to see a live game. I’m just hoping cooler heads prevail and it all gets fixed before Sept. 15th. But I feel it’s not going to happen. C.mon union and owners. Surprise us.

  5. Habsdoc, it’s the perfect place for the Goldwing guys. Lots of parking, and the A&W next door holds classic car meets all the time. And the pub with the coldest beer in town is in between!

  6. If Buttman doesn’t cut the crap soon all his arenas are going to be as empty as the DQ in Powell River.

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