It was a game the Canadiens should’ve won. But they didn’t

One of those bad bounces off the glass that we see from time to time killed the mood, the tie, and the legs Montreal had finally found after being off all week. Halted quicker than a Brian Gionta head into an Alexei Emelin shoulder pad.

There was just 1:18 left in the third period, with the score tied 1-1, when a puck shot in from outside the blueline took one of those crazy caroms off the glass and headed out front where Matt Moulson was.

That was it. Buffaloed by a bad bounce. All Carey Price could do was look from afar, having left the premises to corral what should’ve been a puck around the back.

The breaks of the game, a game which had come alive only in the third, and which ended 2-1 for a team fighting it out with Edmonton and Columbus for best basement dweller.

Random Notes:

Buffalo’s Tyler Ennis opened the scoring with a beauty of a goal, a second effort that he’d eventually backhand behind Price, and which you’ll probably see on the highlights any second now.

I thought Eric Tangradi, playing his first game as a Hab, was impressive. He’s a huge 6’4″, 221 lb. left winger with 136 previous games in the NHL with Pittsburgh and Winnipeg, is a good skater for a big man, seems like he could create serious havoc when riled, and he seemed to fit in nicely on the fourth line.

Love the big guys who can play. Love the idea of what he might add as a bonafide power forward. But we’ll see. It’s just one game. I thought Rene Bourque was going to be a good power forward too.

Emelin clocked Gionta near the boards with a shoulder to the head and was given two minutes for it, at which time shortly after, Moulson scored the winner.

Gionta was pissed, but if he was a few inches taller, it would’ve been a great check. Gionta’s just a tiny bugger who collided with a hard shoulder pad. All’s fair in love and war.

Brandon Prust said something out there that got him a minor, a misconduct, and a game. We may or may not hear what he said, and if it comes out, I hope his mother doesn’t see it.

Jiri Sekac continues to look great.

P.A. Parenteau scored his team’s lone goal from a mad scramble in the crease.

Shots on goal – Montreal 31, Buffalo 25.

Next up – Buffalo at the Bell in a few hours.


8 thoughts on “Buffaloed”

  1. Price seemed a bit slow reacting on the two goals. I can accept the first one, there’s no way Ennis should have been able to score that way. But on the game winning goal, he didn’t have any urgency in getting back in front of the net after realizing the puck had bounced away from the boards rather than going around them.

    And is it just me or was the puck bouncing more than normal?

  2. When do we play Boston again? Win or lose we’ll see some emotion. Where’s P.K. the dazzler, NOT P.K. the common-place that Thornbush is developing. Price shows more emotion then P.K.!! And that’s the stodgy coach’s fault. Get Chris Nilan behind the bench. At least there will be some energy on the bench!!! There’ll be some smiles and worthwhile post game quotes. GIVE Thornbush to an expansion team PLUS 5 eighth round picks— that’s about when someone would pick him AFTER he clears waivers.
    Guess that’s pretty strong wording but, but he’s such a stick in the mud with his not getting the best out of the kids.

  3. In Price’s defense, he was only attempting what every goalie at a high level does naturally. Stop the puck behind the net. It just didn’t work out as planned, which happens to goalies from time to time.Just a weird bounce that left him stranded.

  4. Peter, we don’t play Boston again till Feb. 8th. And it’s true, we only seem to see games with passion and fire when it’s against them. As for PK, I’d like to know what’s going on too. I read somewhere that in the beginning of the season, he was trying to justify his big contract and got himself in all kinds of trouble by trying to do too much, which off ended with him losing the puck especially. So the coaches, and maybe him, decided that he needed to play a more conservative type of game. But what are we left with? A PK who doesn’t stand out. A very ordinary PK. Definitely not a Norris-type d-man at the moment.

  5. I had a funny feeling about this game. The top team in the league was playing the last-place team of the league. It seemed like a sure thing.

    And the Habs were well rested to boot. What could possibly go wrong?

    All I know is somebody cashed in big time by betting for Buffalo.

  6. I think sometimes with this new TV schedule it’s a blessing when the games are blacked out. I’ve now missed a few stinkers that would have had me go high top left corner with a beer can through my TV!!WTF! 🙁

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