Buffalo Burgers On The Menu

I won’t be seeing the Habs-Sabres game until nearly midnight, so there’ll be no live blogging or recapping right after. It’s a work thing, and it’s going to happen again on Thursday. But it’s only a few games a month that I’ll be late getting to and it sucks but I’m just going to put my head down, get through it, and in a few days it’ll be just a distant and dark memory.

Anyway, I know what’s going to happen. The Canadiens will come out fired up after their embarrassing 6-5 shootout loss to the Avalanche the other night, and will score early. The Bell Centre will be loud, and the team will have all this meth amphetamine-type adrenaline running through their veins.

Late in the first, Buffalo will score after skating in on a four-on-nothing breakaway and tie the game on a shot through Price’s legs. Soon after we notice the Canadiens are starting to crash from their meth high.

Buffalo will score again early in the second and boos will start to be heard around the rink. The Canadiens are jittery as J-Mart juggles, but suddenly and without warning, David Desharnais finds the back of the net. The momentum swings back to the Canadiens, and with Carey Price suddenly reborn and legs together, the Canadiens take charge.

P.K.Subban on the power play puts the Habs in the lead midway through the third and does a sensational fist and leg pump that would have seized me up for a week if I tried it, and with the goalie pulled, Scott Gomez scores on the empty net for the insurance marker, although he was really trying to pass and it went in off somebody’s helmet.

3-2 Habs, but it was dicey for awhile. Fans at the Bell Centre go home with full hearts and empty wallets.

In the meantime, I came up with these numbers from a neat site called SmartSportsFan.com, a place where you can compare players in various categories using coloured graphs.

In the 2010-11 season, the shooting percentage (goals from number of shots) for Tomas Plekanec was 9.7%, Scott Gomez 4.5%, Andrei Kostitsyn 10.2, Brian Gionta 9.7, and Mike Cammalleri 9.8.

In contrast, C0rey Perry was 17.2%, Steven Stamkos 16.5, and Daniel Sedin 15.4.

Shots on goal – Tomas Plekanec had 227, Brian Gionta 298, Andrei Kostitsyn 196, and Mike Cammalleri 193.

Alex Ovechkin had 367.

Hal Gill had 151 hits, PK Subban 106, and Jaroslav Spacek 90. Nicklas Lidstrom finished with 92, Shea Weber 113, and Brent Seabrook 154.

Go Habs. Slice those Sabres.

11 thoughts on “Buffalo Burgers On The Menu”

  1. Some bad news. On the radio today they had a guest on (Normand Flynn from RDS) and he was at the Habs practice. He said a few players looked like they didn’t even want to be there. One has was Hall Gill, the other – Gomez. He said Gomez looked disinterested and even screwed up on the first drill because he wasn’t bothering to pay attention!

    The guy needs to go. He’s an insult to the jersey.

  2. Darth, here’s something to consider and is rarely talked about. If guys aren’t happy and aren’t giving their all, it’s time for the captain to be a captain and kick them in the ass. Where is Gionta? There’s no way a real captain would let this happen. Rocket, Harvey, Beliveau, Messier, and so many others that could be mentioned – these are captains. If Gionta says and does nothing, he’s not a captain. Gomez showing no interest? Gill too? This needs to be nipped in the bud and quickly.

  3. Hal Gill might have an excuse since his wife just gave birth to a baby boy. Maybe he’s not getting too much sleep right now…


    As for Scott Gomez; he looked promising in preseason action but now with zero goals and only one assist in four games it looks like nothing much has really changed.

    Gomez is starting to make his patented passes to nobody again and it’s driving me nuts.

    He deserves a big demotion to the fourth line and maybe even Hamilton if he doesn’t smarten up soon.

    Wake up and smell the coffee Scott Gomez!

  4. Danno, I’ve yet to embrace Scott Gomez as a Montreal Canadien. It’s rarely happened in my life when I feel someone just isn’t a Hab, and it seems like Gomez is one. It’s too bad. You’re right, preseason he looked like a new man. Now he looks like the same old Gomez. I’d love to see him traded.

  5. Zak, if that’s the case, and it just might be, then it’s time for Gauthier to pull out his hatchet and get rid of this coach. And it can’t wait long because parity says that once a team gets way behind, it’s tremendously hard to get back into it again. And it would suck in a big way if the Habs were pretty well out of it by Christmas. Damn.

  6. Hey Dennis, we aren’t alone in our criticisms of Scott Gomez.

    There’s a survey on HIO going on right now about his lack of production…


    Q: Scott Gomez, who is earning $7.5 million this season, has now gone 44 games, including the playoffs, without scoring a goal. What do you think the Canadiens should do with him?

    o The season is early … stick with him
    o Drop him to the fourth line
    o Put him on waivers
    o Send him to the AHL’s Hamilton Bulldogs so his salary won’t count against the cap

  7. Danno, I say send him to Hamilton. 44 games without a goal is ridiculous. What happened to his big speech about how he was ashamed of last year and it wouldn’t happen again. I’m getting angrier and angrier about this and don’t accept it. Especially when I see him smiling all the time like things are so rosy. What’s rosy is his salary.

  8. I swear Dennis it makes me livid as well. This guy is the highest paid Hab ever and he plays like this? He’s not fit to be towel boy.

    Did you catch him spitting on the ice in season opener in Montreal? Real class act.

  9. I should mention he spat when his name was announced and he came on the ice during the opening ceremony. Jerk.

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