Budaj To Support Price

Canadiens have signed ex-Colorado goalie Peter Budaj as their backup behind Carey Price, which means the new guy will have almost the entire 2011-12 season to relax. The deal is for two years at 1.15 million per. So goodbye Alex Auld.

And because I know nothing about this Slovakian, except that he’s Slovakian, I simply copy and paste this from Wikipedia:

Budaj, a devout Christian, is perhaps best known for having the depiction of Ned Flanders, a popular religious character from TV’s The Simpsons painted on the back of his masks.[7] In 2008, Budaj began wearing a mask featuring the character Altaïr from the popular video game Assassin’s Creed.[8] The mask primarily worn by Budaj during the 2008–09 season features a burgundy colored version of the comic book hero The Hulk,[9] although he did continue wearing the Assassin’s Creed mask as well. Budaj’s 2009–10 mask features his racing idol Valentino Rossi on one side, the Avalanche’s alternate foot logo on the other, and retains Ned Flanders on the back

2 thoughts on “Budaj To Support Price”

  1. Interesting masks, we may never see them the way Price carries the load. I don’t know if this is a step up. I liked the results with Auld as back-up, maybe he was a good influence on Price, so I would have liked for him to stay. Why tinker with success?

  2. the reason you haven’t been signed as sick boy dennis is the stick boy area behind the bench is now a designated playstation area for budaj to play assassins creed. hopefully that will be his full time occupation……… a sideways move? auld and price seemed a good combo.
    it is not a slight on your good character dennis, it’s just business.

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