Budaj Gets Some Work

Bilingual Peter Budaj (English and Slovak) gets the call tonight in Chicago as you probably already know.

I’m fine with the decision to play this fellow. Hell, we don’t even really know what kind of a goalie he is at this point. And the boys haven’t exactly been on fire for our number one guy.

Budaj has played just four games with the Habs, (1 win, 3 losses, 10 GA), and at times he’s looked comfortable and perfectly able, and other times, just slightly scary.

Maybe the gang in front will score some goals for him. Maybe they won’t even give the puck away and leave him at the mercy of the enemy.

Maybe everyone, top to bottom, will actually play well.

Or maybe I did too much acid when I was younger.


4 thoughts on “Budaj Gets Some Work”

  1. BA-Hum-Bug DK, there’s no such thing as too much acid! By the way just received my Scotia gift its great thanks go out to you & that asshole Gaston.
    Cheers from the East!!!!

  2. Logically, I would have gone with Price against the Hawks and rested him against the Jets.

    Hawks a re the better team. Our chances of winning just dropped from being slim to zero now with Budaj in nets.

    On the other hand, there are those who would argue that Price is showing signs of frustration and fatigue and that he urgently needs a break now.

    Maybe Budaj will pull a rabbit out of his hat and surprise the hell out of everyone and make Cunney look like a genius.

    Yeah. That’s the ticket.

    I predict a 4-0 Habs win for tonight.

    Stay tuned…

  3. I think Budaj will get better as the season goes on as this is the first season in several that he working with a goalie coach as in the past few seasons The Rockies employed a goalie consultant (whatever that is) and not a goalie coach…

  4. Martin, so far Budaj looks fine and not so fine. But the guys in front certainly haven’t helped him so we really don’t know at this point. I’m also wondering what the difference between a goalie consultant and goalie coach is. Maybe a goalie consultant moves around the league and helps goalies from different teams. Not sure.

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