Budaj Does Nice Job In Loss To Buffalo

Aside from the fact that the Canadiens lost 3-2 to Buffalo in overtime, it was nice to see Peter Budaj play a really fine game in stopping 34 Sabres shots, although I could temper that somewhat by saying that even though he does come in cold and it must be difficult, he stills makes over a million bucks a year so he’s sort of expected to perform when called upon.

But he was a standout last night to be sure, he must feel good about the job he did, and we all know that it’s important that the backup can come in and help out in fine fashion when the main guy needs a break. That’s the job description, and coming in cold goes with the territory.

Good for Budaj. He played like a first-stringer to be sure. That’s what we want more of. Next year.

Good for David Desharnais too. In the first period he made a dazzling behind-the-back pass to Erik Cole, who gave the Habs a 1-0 lead. And with five seconds remaining in the third, Buffalo leading 2-1, and Budaj pulled, Desharnais sent one home to tie the score and put the game into overtime.

But that was it for Habs drama. Buffalo won it in overtime and we got a point we don’t really need and they got two they really need.

For me, if the Canadiens are going to win games and screw themselves out of a top draft pick, they’d better look really, really good in winning or what is all good for? Montreal didn’t deserve to win this game, they were outshot 14-6 in the first period, outshot 36-28 overall, and outplayed for much of the night. Just like about 50 other nights this year.

It just doesn’t seem to matter anyway. I could go on about Tomas Kaberle and his refusal to shoot the puck, which pisses me off to no end, and I could harp about the Alaskan again but I’m tired of that. So maybe I’ll whine slightly that Rene Bourque is not playing like we had hoped, he shows no pizzazz, no fire, he looks like he’s taken a sedative, he manages no points, he seems to hit no one, and with his size and his nice shot, he’d better shape up or he’s going to start hearing from us shortly.

Did Gauthier get fleeced on this one? Cammalleri for this guy? I’m really starting to wonder.

Random Notes:

Max Pacioretty took a puck off the ankle and was gone for the middle part of the game, but he came back for the third and seemed fine I suppose. Hopefully Dr. Recchi will let us know tomorrow.

Alexei Emelin had a puck go off his stick for the Sabres go-ahead goal. It happens from time to time in hockey. Always has, always will. It sucks but it happens.

Habs host the Senators on Wednesday, and then on Friday travel to Ottawa to meet the Sens again. I have no thoughts whatsoever on how I want these two games to go. Win, lose, bus breaks down, cancelled because of snowstorm. Doesn’t matter. I’ve put my emotions on hold.

13 thoughts on “Budaj Does Nice Job In Loss To Buffalo”

  1. I never liked the deal, and I said it when we made the trade.

    I wrote this on your blog the day of the deal:

    “Also, from I’ve heard from Bourque is that he’s a streaky scorer, and disappears for stretches of games at a time. And as for being meaner, he has 48 hits this season. That ties him for eighth on Montreal with Mike Blunden. That means we’re getting bigger, not tougher.”

    Size doesn’t equate hits/toughness.

    Also, in 26 games as a Canadien, Bourque is a -16. That is just sad. That would equal a -50 over an 82-game schedule.

  2. When the whistle blew at around 26.7″ish seconds in the 3rd, the clock kept ticking. It stopped at about 25.2 and maybe 1.4 seconds difference doesn’t seem like a lot but if we can score with 3 point something remaining then EVERYTHING counts? Who runs the timer anyway??? I know this happened between LA and some other team this winter and they weren’t too happy.

    Did anyone else notice? I recorded the game and played it again and there was definitely a difference.

  3. What I find interesting is that after DD tied the game, the reaction of the team was priceless. I don’t think I’ve seen our team this happy in years. Even when PK tied it in Game 7 last year that didn’t seem as joyful as this goal was. It was great to see but then to lose in OT…that hurt.

    I know this will screw up our draft but I would have liked to have seen a win after that celebration. Talk about a let down. This team of ours loves to bring us up and tear us down afterwards don’t they?

    Bourque is bad. Gauthier should have held on to Cammy until the trade deadline. Instead he rushed him out and we’ve got this lame duck. Least Cammy looked like he was trying. Let’s hope we can ship him off this summer.

    I felt bad for Budaj because this was his best game this year.

  4. Tom, I remember clearly you saying that about Bourque and I disagreed for the pitiful reason that he had played well against the Habs in the Heritage Classic. For me, when a big trade happens, hope springs eternal. But you definitely had it right. I have to stop being so enthusiastic about big trades. But I also must admit, I wasn’t a happy camper with Cammalleri and didn’t mind him going. I just thought we’d naturally get a guy who might appear to do something, which isn’t the case.

  5. Good eye, Marjo. I didn’t notice, but I’ve seen that before and it’s not right. These guys should be 100% on the ball. Another thing, although not quite as important as the time clock, but I noticed in Vancouver the goal judges took their sweet time putting the light on for a goal. It used to be that it was almost instantaneous, but not anymore I guess. You’re right. it could’ve been huge.

  6. Darth, they sure were happy when DD scored. These guys are completely sick of the way things have gone, they’re proud, and they’re not thinking about draft picks, they’re thinking about winning the game. And yes, when Buffalo scored it really did suck. Bourque just seems to do do the job like he’s on an assembly line, and nothing more. You’re right, at least the other guy seemed to try a bit more. Damn.

  7. I feel sorry for the group of players we have that don’t quit. For me, a 10th place finish is not worth it, I’d rather take our chances with a draft pick, even if it is at times a gamble.

    What made me feel sad last night was when we scored in the last three seconds. I was on the edge of my seat, you can almost feel their desire to get it in. And they did. I felt sad because this time of year is when we rush to the TV a few times a week and REALLY enjoy the hockey, it’s the homestretch and then the playoffs. We won’t be a guest. And jumping for joy last night when DD shot it in kinda felt like dreaming of someone you love who has passed away. In your dream you think he never died, and then you wake up.

  8. Marjo, it’s true. We’ve missed big moments and we’ll miss the magic of winning in the playoffs, and DD’s goal gave us something to cheer about. It’s sad we won’t be a guest in the post-season. Really sad.

  9. Willing to give Bourque some time. As in we’ll see next season how he goes. Anyway, Holland and the pick are the big keys in the trade in my opinion. And as a Cammy fan, frankly, I was pissed off with him not putting his money where his mouth was and it was time to go. And there’s the size thing…

    Also I’m not so worried about the top draft pick. Wherever they pick they’re bound to find someone real good and useful. Whether it’s Grigs, Faksa, Galchenyuk, Trouba, Forsberg…

    Considering the travel and the time switch, I’m pretty proud of how they battled. Frankly Buffalo should feel more shame considering it was a lucky bounce that got them ahead and how the road weary team was holding on fairly well. Didn’t think they’d win in the shootout anyway if they got there. (Though frankly Myers should have gotten 5 and a game and NOT be on the ice to score in OT…but at least he got suspended for essentialy the same thing that cost Mike Green 3 games). When DD scored I woke up my puppy.

  10. i was totally pissed but not surprised with the cammy trade, not only because they traded an asset for assets of way less value, but because the trade was a knee jerk reaction by MR. GOAT for cammy speaking the truth about the less than positive attitude surrounding the team, or corporation, and executed in the most embarrassingly unprofessional manner, just like every other trade or firing this year ………….. he also could have done a lot better with AK. i know,,,, a UFA. so sign him and trade him for what he is really worth……….. if u need any advice when u own the team dennis, just gimme a call. i’ll be in the lab.

  11. Hobo, when I own the team I’ve got you down for player movement and guitar playing during the national anthem, a la Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock. You’ll be busy and won’t have as much time for the lab.

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