B’s Waxed To Complete Collapse

If I were a Boston Bruin, I might not want to tell anybody this summer that I am. For only the third time in playoff history, a team has blown a 3-0 series lead and lost the seventh game as the Bruins fall to the Flyers 4-3. And to rub salt in the wound, the Bruins held a 3-0 lead in this final game and blew it too.

The winning goal, by Simon Gagne, came with a Boston player in the box ‘for too many men on the ice.’ And like TSN said, 31 years ago tonight, in 1079, Don Cherry and his Bruins lost the historic ‘too many men’  classic when first Guy Lafleur and then Yvon Lambert created a lasting nightmare for Cherry and his team. 

Philly and the Habs in the eastern final. I’m confident the Habs can do it, but I absolutely, after seeing this game, wish the Habs would have met the Bruins. The Flyers should be tough.

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  1. I do like Philadelphia’s ability to spot the opposition an early lead. Their ability to come back, not so much.

  2. I have confidence in our goal keeping, our PP and PK. I also like Markov being back. We have some dynamic scorers in Cammi, Gionta. Key will be keeping front of net clear and forechecking. Habs will have to work at staying healthy as Flyers are a physical team. We need to keep scoring early and protect the leads. PK Subban makes me confident as well. Hopefully we see his physical side early in this series.

  3. I asked another Montreal friend before the game who she wanted to see take on the Habs and her response was:

    ” There are too many Boston fans in Montreal for my liking. Part of the reason the Habs won is due to the HUGE fan base here and in that arena when they score a goal it is mind boggling how noisy it is. The other day during the game they watched on TV screens, 21,273 people made as much noise as Jet engine at 1.40 db’s! We don’t any Boston fans squashing some of this.”

  4. this is going to be a great series. Two teams that are both riding high with momentum that were not expected to make it this far. I will not make a habit of saying this, I might never even say it again but……go habs go!

  5. I wonder how Diane is feeling; converting to a Habs fan in the nick of time.

    Good playoffs for her, B’s choke, she wins 100$ in Hockey Canada merch.
    I envy your luck, Diane.

  6. Hey Dennis, Sad day in beantown as the bruins have bean eliminated.I like our chances at taking on the Flyers,going to be alot of Halak crashing,you gotta know that.I think if we get consistent reffing(thats like asking the egg to stay in it’s shell after you drop it on the floor)and they make these calls,the flyers could be in the box for a bit.Bring them ,lets get at er

  7. after the habs beat wash. & pitts. they were no longer considered under dogs for the next series, but i have not heard or read one so called expert who is picking habs over philly. that tells me they are underdogs again, and overnight. i feel more comfortable with the underdog roll………. hope the experts keep their record in tack.
    go habs

  8. hobo, I think we’re the experts now. Courage and Heart are what the big red CH on their chests are made of and you just don’t find that on any of the stats sheets. We understand that and they do not.

    But just for fun let’s look at some stats anyways…

    Michael Leighton has done the job in nets for Philly replacing the injured Brian Boucher. But he is no Jaroslav Halak. His overall saves average is .902 while Halak has been .924 this season and a stellar .949 thus far in the playoffs against the two top teams in the East.

    And don’t forget we have a huge team effort supporting Halak by blocking shots like nobody’s business. I think we have a far superior defensive squad than Philly.

    We are the 2010 playoff leaders in the blocked shots department with a total of 320 so far. Chicago is second with only a paltry 190. That tells me our guys have character, courage, desire and grit and will do whatever it takes to win. Guys like Hall Gill with 54 blocked shots, Josh Gorges with 44 and Roman Hamrlik with 34.

    Not every player on every team is willing to block shots as frequently as our guys do. Why? Because it’s dangerous, frightening and hurts like hell when a shot smacks you in the wrong place. Just ask Vancouver’s Sami Salo. He sufferd a ruptured testicle while attemting to block a hard shot by Chicago’s Duncan Keith right into his family jewels.

    Philly plays tough that’s true. But they will pay a big price if they wind up in the penalty box too often as their relatively weak defense will not be able to stop the Habs powerplay for very long.

    Just ignore the experts. This is our year.

  9. Boston Coach Claude Julien afflicted by Don Cherry Syndrome

    Dennis, I just found out why Claude Julien made the same unfortunate mistake that Don Cherry did in the playoffs in 1979 against Montreal with his penalty for too many men on the ice.

    It’s a serious medical condition they both share. In fact, in some medical circles they have started to call what they have Don Cherry Syndrome in the same way other diseases are named after famous people like Lou Gherig’s disease for example.

    For a visual explanation of what Don Cherry Syndrome is about, click on the link below:


  10. The one thing our shooters like MAB, Subban, Spacek, Markov aren’t doing is shooting enough. Our blockers are paying a heavy price and jeopardize with injuries. Our guys need to put a cost to their shots. Get as many hard shots towards the net to make their blockers think twice about blocking. Chara on the Bruins gets so many more than our D men. If any Flyers get hurt, so be it. So much the better. Get more heavy shots to Leighton!! We hopefully will have more possession time with the Flyer’s than Pitts or Wash.

  11. there comes a time in ones life when it is time to do something special. being in the right place at the right time with the stars alined just right, almost like watching in slow motion from another dimension. a time of magic. this special time may only happen once, like henderson in 72, dryden in 71, sugar kane during the summer of love…………………… this is halaks time.

  12. Hobo, may I quote a very serious poem.
    “You’re a poet and didn’t know it.
    But your feet show it, cause they’re Longfellow’s.”

  13. Danno, they say Flyers forwards are better? Maybe Bobby Clarke wrote that. Or Orest Kindrachuk.

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