Bruise Those Bostonian Bears

Not only is Boston just two points behind Montreal with three games in hand, but I chose Tuukka Rask in my hockey pool and wouldn’t you know it, Tim Thomas has been the guy in nets, allowing a measly 12 goals in nine games.

This means two things; The Canadiens have to bring this guy and his team back to earth, and I’m in last place in the pool.

The video below, sent by Danno and which showed up last season, is good for a chuckle. Just disregard the caption that says “Bruins Hockey Rules” and insert “Bruins Hockey Smells” in place of it.

One thought on “Bruise Those Bostonian Bears”

  1. I love it, it shows
    – Bruin fans as wusses who can’t hold their beer and know they don’t deserve to be with Hab fans
    – Canadien fans are beautiful and are only with Bruin fans for the beer and are otherwise embarrassed to be with them

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