Bruins Win Game Five

It was a dark and stormy night. In my mind anyway.

Boston wins 3-1 over Tampa in game five and takes a serious three game to two lead in the Eastern final. The series isn’t over, with game six now back in Tampa, but I’m sure Vancouver fans are already looking ahead to the Stanley Cup final with their Canucks playing Boston for all the marbles.

They shouldn’t plan ahead like this, but I think it’s human nature to do so. But a Vancouver-Boston final looks like a distinct possibility.

Yes it would be good to see two genuine hockey markets involved in the war for the big prize. And if Boston does make it, it’s definitely going to make me cheer even harder for the Canucks. The thought of seeing Bruins players skating around holding the Cup above their heads could drive me to drink.



4 thoughts on “Bruins Win Game Five”

  1. if the canucks meet the bruins i may even watch some games. on second thought that would mean watching cbc, the official network of the boston bruins with all their hometown broadcasters. need i mention any names?

  2. Hey Dennis,Although I agree with what you say,this series isnt over,I think Boston has an in with Campbell’s son playing for them.Let’s watch and see how the penalties are called this next game they play in.I hope that the bruins dont make the finals as the only cup they deserve to drink out of is the one they all wear for protection.

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