13 thoughts on “Bruins On Tuesday”

  1. Sarah? Crow? UH? Dennis do U know a Sarah who is a Boston fan? Will she make U regret your impertinence? Will she make U eat crow?

  2. Who’s Sarah Palin? Is she a Bruin fan? Does she cook? Will she broil, bake or kentucky fry your crow, Dennis?

  3. Careful now: Susan Lucci might mop the floor Рor zamboni the ice Рwith Mike Komisarek again. Or is that Nadia Coṃnecci?

    (Hmm – coma… Doesn’t sound good for Komi, eh)

  4. Sarah Palin also thinks Steff Carse is Canada’s PM. Probably she’s stir-fry the crow. With thai spices.

  5. aww too bad they brought Stanley back to where it belongs!!!! Sucks to be such a sore loser!

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