Bruins Lose Game One!

Tampa Bay scored three times in 85 seconds of the first frame and good old Marc-Andre Bergeron tallied a power play goal later on as the Tampa Bay Lightning beat the Boston Bruins 5-2 in game one of the Eastern Conference Final.

Those Lightning….holy smokes. They just keep on rolling.

Now it’s time to take game two also.



12 thoughts on “Bruins Lose Game One!”

  1. I realized something while watching this game end in a most predictable way with a scrum and stupid Booin behaviour, I think there must be something in the water in Boston. Let me explain. Claude Julien was a pretty decent guy back in his days as the coach of the Bulldogs and then as the coach of the Canadiens. But now as coach of the Booins he puts the likes of Thornton and Campbell on the ice when the game is out of reach, he gets his shorts in a knot and looks both confused and angry when the forgettable #55 punches cousin Vinnie in the head and goes off for roughing. We can see him frothing at the mouth and yelling obsenities while he paces back and forth behind the bench. And then there is (Dr.)Mark Recchie who also used to be a pretty classy guy, remember when he played for the Habs and played while fighting pneumonia, didn’t we just love the guy? Now, especially since he decided to enlighten us with his medical knowledge he looks more and more like time has finally caught up to him and he will finish his career as a Boston Booin. I guess that is punishment enough. And finally there is the homer moron who calls the Booin games, I can just imagine how he would justify Lucy’s sucker punch at the end of the game with logic like the Tampa player had it coming to him. For these and many other reasons Boston must never ever be allowed to win the Stanley Cup. The tarnish to it’s shine might never come off.

  2. Did they pull out grinning Thomas?

    So happy for TB. We have reason to support them with now with our Moore, MAB and could- have-been Boucher.

  3. Hey Dennis,Awesome game,enjoyed it all the way.I like seeing the Bruins beat up this way,the Habs were on the right track with there speed but just couldnt do enough scoring eh.

    Oh what a feeling
    To see Bruins kneeling
    Win games 2,3 and 4
    they will go home squealing

  4. Derry, you’re a poet and didn’t know it! And yes, if the Habs could’ve gottena little more scoring from the likes of Gomez and Pouliot etc. we’d still be watching the run to the 25th Cup.

  5. Marjo, Tampa’s just a little more likeable than Boston, with several Habs connections. Bu the Cup still has to come to Canada.

  6. DJ, I guess playing in Boston does that. And along with the players like Marchand and Lucic and others, you’re right to point out about the announcing. It’s been brutal down there for as long as I can remember. Terrible homers. I remember when we used to get it from others about Dick Irvin Jr. being a homer but he was nothing like these guys.

  7. I’m kind of torn about this.

    Although I hate the Bruins more than anything, if they go all the way then we could say we lost to the best team in the NHL and came very close to beating them. It’s something to be proud of I guess.

    On the other hand, I hate Boston so much I wouldn’t mind it if they were utterly humiliated by Tampa Bay and crushed like little bugs.

  8. Dennis, it’s Van all the way for me. But as you know, I want TB to wipe Boston. Quickly.

  9. Danno, I saw Marchand being interviewed and was very unlikeable. He and Lucic make me want to see this team lose. And then there’s Dr. Recchi and Thornton and Chara and on and on. I want Tampa to take them out.

  10. Dennis,

    Some will think that the goonery at the end of the game shows that Ruins hockey is in the gutter.

    But I beg to differ.

    Having watched it all I saw nothing to suggest they’ve managed to rise as high as that…….

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