Bruins Lose And The End Is Coming Fast

Alex Burrows scored 11 seconds after the puck was dropped in the first overtime, the Canucks win the game 3-2, and go up two games to nothing in this Stanley Cup final against the yellow and black guys.

Boston had a decent second period and were actually winning this game, but Daniel Sedin scored midway through the third period which tied it, and then Burrows tucked it away to put an end to the festivities.

The Bruins are finished. Let them eat cake. Let them slip away quietly into the night. Goodnight Irene.

For Burrows, it was a big night coming off the “biting the finger” incident, as he scored twice and added an assist. And Manny Malhotra returned after almost losing an eye earlier in the season to add to the drama.

I’m flat out saying this series is as good as over. Nice try, Bruins fans. Karma has come back to bite you after you swarmed the Habs fan in your barn toilet.

This Cup final series is being billed by many as Canada’s team against the yanks, and that’s fine. Vancouver can have this handle as long as Montreal’s not playing. But keep in mind, Canucks fans, the handle goes back to the Habs when this season is finally done. Which should be soon.

And speaking of Canada and the US, I’ve never understood why Americans don’t want anything to do with a health system similar to Canada’s. Many shy away from even the mere thought of it. I don’t know why and never have.

I have a friend in California who explained a little about their health care which I thought you’d find interesting.

“My brother is fortunate he has medical insurance for his family or he would lose
everything.  That is the big difference between Canada and the US.  The whole
medical industry here is totally screwed up.  As an example, if I was 62 years
old and I had $2 million in the bank, I could not retire because I could
possibly come up with cancer and my $2 million would disappear quickly.  Yes, I
can buy medical insurance at 62 but the insurance company can drop me once I
have a dreaded disease.  If I am working at 62 (medical benefits are obtained
through the employer), the insurance company cannot drop me.  At age 65 in the
US, Medicaid kicks in and one can get free medical insurance just like in Canada.  I
rather the government raise taxes so everyone gets free medical insurance but
there are many in the US who believe this is the first step towards socialism.”




10 thoughts on “Bruins Lose And The End Is Coming Fast”

  1. I believe, and now you believe.

    It must be coming true. The drought will soon be over.

  2. Interesting about the Medicare cause I did not understand why either, so thanks for the enlightenment.

    I’m with ya on the rest Dennis except for the part where you said the Bruins could eat cake. As a huge cake fan myself, I cannot go along with that, so sorry. Let them eat dirt I say.

  3. Welcome home Stanley. Once in Vancouver, you’ll just be a (not so) short drive down the Trans-Canada highway to your first and rightful home of Montreal.

    In the US the insurance company can drop the entire company if one employee is costing them too much. One of the reasons why small businesses are disappearing from the US. With respect to health care, Boston and Massachusetts is one of the few sensible spots in the country. Too bad it didn’t translate well to what it means to be hockey fan.

  4. Hobo, that’s the beauty of having a blog. No editor, no framework, no money, no nothing. And I’ve posted every day since November of 2007. So I feel I’m able to put down whatever I feel like, and it went along with the an American-based team playing a Canadian-based team. Plus, I thought it was interesting what my buddy in California described. I’ve never understood the resistance to a Canadian-type health care down there, and this makes me even more puzzled.

  5. I detest the Bruins with every molecule of my being so Bravo! to Vancouver.

    But don’t get too cocky and remember what Carey Price said in April…

    “Two is not four.”

  6. I agree Dennis, your blog your content. I do hope you’re not being premature in your celebrations, the Booins have been in both games and while a sweep would be poetic justice I wouldn’t declare the “Baston Bastards” (Hey I like that!) dead yet. You know if Lapierre could only play all season the way he does in the playoffs he’d still be a hab. I thought his taunt inviting Bergeron to bite his finger was hilarious.

  7. I just watched a clip over at “Eyes on the Prize” of Mike Milbury ranting on Lapierre’s taunting and complaining that Burrows shouldn’t have been in the game. The impact of Colie Campbell stepping down has already become evident because we all know that had he still been in a position to help the Booins he would have suspended Burrows. Now that is poetic justice!

  8. DK, Hobo asked whats health care got to do with hockey, well if the Canucks Green Men show up in Boston we just may find out! If they carry on like they do at home I’m afraid some of the dolts that just crawled out of the primordial soup as single celled life forms may inflict some damage. I know not all Boston fans are children of brother, sister parents but it seems there is quite a few who are! I hope *The Don* had another prairie oyster appetizer when Burrow’s scored just 11 seconds into the 1st OT!!
    Cheers from the East!!!!

  9. mike-guns are ok in the usa. the green men should be able to take care of themselves.
    dennis- i’ll have 2 of whatever your buddy in cal. is drinking

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