11 thoughts on “Bruins Lose Again!”

  1. PJ Stock sniveling about the slashing penalty against Boston that led to the winning goal was beautiful. It was a cheesie penalty but that made it all the more satisfying for me from a whinny PJ perspective.

  2. Hobo, PJ sees everything he should have done himself when he played, but didn’t. Same with Healy.

  3. Derry,me too. But about Ovechkin – I feel he’s become predictable in his moves and hasn’t become exactly what a premier power forward should be. In my mind, Ovechkin needs to get uglier, to take charge in every which way. He’s not as involved as we’ve see him in the past. I’m wondering if his best days are behind him.

  4. If the Bruins don’t win the next two games expect Jacobs and Chiarelli to push for Colin Campbell to return to his previous position of suspending anyone who touches his son’s team.

  5. It was a delight to see Poo-poo take that penalty and cost the team. Nice to see it happen to someone else instead of us for once. The B’s are also bitching about the refs. What a surprise that is. Funny how they want to do anything but if anything happens to them – then that’s just wrong! Breaks our hearts doesn’t it?

    Go Caps go!

    So we have the Pens game at 12, Caps/Bruins at 3 – this is a good day for hockey! Man I hope the Bruins lose.

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