Bruins Kiss Lord Stanley’s Mug

I’m just glad it’s all over.

First, the obligatory congratulations to the Boston Bruins for winning it all with this 4-0 seventh game. Way to go, you ^&*%#. And when I say ^&*%#, I mean ^&*%#.

I feel for Canucks fans. They were so happy, so filled with joy and with dreams of watching their boys hoist the Cup after 40 long years. I can just imagine what a sad bunch they are now. Hey, I’ve been waiting since 1993 for my team, which isn’t 40 years but it’s still plenty long.

But their Roberto Luongo and the Sedins didn’t come through for them. Canucks fans needed these guys to be magnificent and instead they got only mediocrity from all three. Is “choke” a strong enough word here for this trio?

The Canucks had enjoyed such a great year up until recently. They seemed destined, and were beaten by a band of thugs who worked harder, dug deeper, had the better goalie, and got a few breaks throughout their journey from the officials, both on the ice and off. More than a few. But whatever.

And once again, how do you win when you barely score? Eight goals in seven games. Canucks, you should be ashamed of yourself about this.

Also, I apologize to Brad Marchand’s sister who called me mean and a retard for showing a picture of her brother under the title of “Giving Huge Noses A Bad Name.” Hey Rebecca, I’ve said a couple of good things about Brad, which is more than I can say about the rest of his team.

Like I said – I’m glad it’s over. Now my company can give me evening shifts and it won’t matter. Now I can get on with life and get back to what”s important –  the Habs.

23 thoughts on “Bruins Kiss Lord Stanley’s Mug”

  1. Hey Dennis,Good on you for wishing these guys great happiness for winning the cup.I said they were destined because of all the connections to the nhl brass,well I may be a little mixed up on this afterall,Jeremy Jacobs only negoitated a multimilloin dollar deal for Bettman last November ,oh is he the owner of the Bruins?Colin Campbell wanted to see his son win a cup he never could,oh is this why he stepped down from his position of the league discpiliner after the damage was done and couldnt be turned around.Fuck these decisions by the nhl,I’ve never been so disilusioned or disapointed in hockey till now(do I sound like Phil Esposito after their loss in Vancouver in 72),how can this bullshit go on? To top it off ,I’m not even a Canuck fan.

  2. Me too, Derry. I’m no Canucks fan either and I just want to forget this ever happened. Go Habs!

  3. And 3 of those 8 Vancouver goals served no purpose. Last time I checked the NHL didn’t have any touch-down or field-goal scoring.

    That was a Marchand who objected to his picture! Even the Bruins read your blog Dennis, that says a lot. Marchand’s family was repeatedly shown on TV tonight, which one was she? Left or right, either way much better looking than him.

    Sorry Bruins, I still can’t bring myself to say the better team won. But the Bruins definitely worked harder and deserved it.

  4. Chris, I don’t know which one she was. She’s Rebecca, her name was mentioned on the broadcast, she was there, and I looked up her IP address in my dashboard and her IP is from Bedford, Nova Scotia which is where Brad is from. I guess she brought her laptop with her.

  5. Hey Dennis,this wont be forgotten,the fu ing folks that are in charge of…the W.S.L..(world sports league) should be able to do something about it.

  6. the canucks fans are the classiest…………………..brad marchant +4, the sedins -8….. i rest my case ………………………thanks to the brilliance of brian burke the loser who put together the nucleus of this canucks team, the bruins, the recipients of his great generosity, will be an elite force to be reckoned with for the next few years and the main focus of our positive hab energy in our quest to topple them starting tomorrow.

    congrats to the best team in hockey,,,,,,,,,,, this year

  7. hey derry, have another fu in beer and just LISTEN to me……………………..the whole moon landing thing is just a hoax, staged in a hollywood sound stage. chill bro

  8. Dennis,your blog is read far and wide by NHL players and their families. I rememeber when Patrick Kane’s brother sent you an comment.

    Simply a brillant hockey mind! Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us.

  9. hahaha, Marchands sister is fighting his battles for him? I think Marchands actions on the ice open him up to criticisms and ridicule. She needs to get a grip as the ball should and will bounce both ways. I wouldn’t want a player like Marchand on the Habs.

  10. Derry, I’ve known hobo as long as Dennis & know him to be an honourable & opinionated man. What he stated came true in the end “They” wanted it more, Where were the Sedins never mind where was the whole TEAM?? I never watched a game as the bleu blanc et rouge were not playing but I wanted a Canadian team to win & beat the team that lucked out & beat US!
    I hate to say this but the DON just might have been right about game one but for me that was the worst Cup final series, in my book 8 goals in 7 games give me a break!
    As for the aftermath after the game, I just hope it shuts up all the finger wagger’s that this just happens in Montreal,there are ASSHOLES everywhere! Fans I think NOT just idiots!!
    As a Hab’s fan we take no joy in your sorrow, yea right & the moon landing took place in Dennis’s house in Orillia!
    les Canadiens sont la!!!!

  11. Some of the B’s read this blog? As well as Marchand’s sister, Rebecca? Well check this out B’s and Rebecca! (as I lower my pants and moon you).

    See you in the Fall,
    Go Habs Go!

  12. Marchand is a punk with his submarine move but fits in really well with the Bruins. Their goal is to wipe out the other team with stick work. And it works! But really, game 7 and can’t score a goal! The Canucks beat themselves. Bad coaching trying to score from the boards. Same as the Lightning, send 1 guy into the offensive zone and hope for a break. Doesn’t work in the playoffs. You need to plant someone in front of the net.

  13. Hi Mike. The series proved the Canucks aren’t quite there yet. They’re not tough enough, and it was really something to see a peach-faced rookie like Marchand outplay Kesler and the Sedins. You’re absolutely right. They needed someone in Thomas’ face constantly. The Habs were guilty of the same thing.

  14. Right on Dennis, except for one point. To compare Van and Mtl on scoring is wrong. The Habs scored 17 times during that series (the same as the Bruins).
    The Canadiens lost by one lucky overtime goal. Vancouver on the other hand gave up after failing to win in Boston (3 times). Don’t get me wrong. I think the Cannucks are a great team and will have many more shots at the cup, but Boston was that close to being out in the first round.

  15. Thanks Nicholas. What I was trying to get across was the fact that if more Habs chipped in, they might have very taken out Bosotn. Guys like Gomez of course, with 0 goals, Wiz – 0 goals, Kostitsyn with 2, Eller with none, and so on. Yes they scored more than Vancouver but they still lacked greatly in that department. All hands on deck and we would kept going.

  16. Hey guess what… The Boston Bruins (or any Boston team for that matter) do not need anyone to congratulate them or give them any praise, because they already get plenty of love from their fans here at home. Also, they (all teams) could care less what anyone outside of the Boston (or New England area) think about them because there will always be crying, whining and excuses from those who lose and it won’t change because there seems to be a big misconception that it’s always someone else’s fault besides the team’s (coaches, mgmt, media, fans, officiating etc) and btw… That Game 7 Horton goal vs mtl was no fluke. It was a result of heart, talent, desire, positioning, skill aaaaand we were yelling Carey’s name pretty loud back there so we might have got in his head just a little but it was not the result of luck. Thanks in advance for reading my rants 🙂 GO BEEZ!!!!

  17. Are you Habs/Canucks fans wouldn’t give up 2 or 3 of your half-a-sissy Euros to have a hard nosed Maritime kid like Marchand skating and hitting and creating plays like a WINNER? Brilliant hockey minds my ass!

  18. “-Marchand’s submarine move” is made so much easier to perform when the victim is head-hunting. Sometimes I have to wonder if the Canadian cameras get the right angles in their coverage…or maybe people only see what they want to see. Watch the game!

  19. The beauty of all this is that no matter what, we will always get under the skin of the Bruins. They could win the Cup for the next ten years in a row and they’d still obsess over us. I think that is so awesome.

    Funny how Keith goes on about people whining, yet many Bruins fans do the same thing. The whole league is out to get them, the whole league doesn’t respect them, they lost because the other team dives (usually aimed at us), etc. There were people from Boston who claimed Pacioretty dived and was faking it. Some even thought it was a big conspiracy to win the season series and somehow mess up their playoff chances!

    I also like how we have more American players than Boston does and they cheer USA!USA! I guess they secretly want us to win. It’s also fun to see they have more French Canadians than we do, but we’re the frogs.

    I do have to admit I can’t stand playing against Marchand but I would take him on our team in a heartbeat. The guy does play with heart, I can’t deny that.

  20. Darth, even in the comments in my Puck Daddy feature, a Bruins fan wrote and said the guy who wrote this is why I hate the Habs so much. It put a smile on my face.

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