Bruins Fans Have Bobby Orr. They’re A Lucky Bunch


The Boston Bruins may not have won as many Stanley Cups as Montreal over the years, but they have one thing they can call their own that the Canadiens can’t. One unbelievable thing to call their own: They have Bobby Orr.

There he was at Fenway looking good, healthy, happy, wearing his number four Bruins sweater, holding a hockey stick in his hands, out on the ice with the Bruins where he should be.

They’re a lucky bunch, those Boston fans. Bobby Orr would’ve looked great in a Montreal uniform. And when I see him now I also see the young guy from Parry Sound, a town an hour away from my hometown Orillia, and Bobby Orr was a legendary name in all the area as a sterling graduate of minor hockey and a player like no other.

I saw him play in Bracebridge when he was still an Oshawa General, and he played an exhibition game for the Orillia seniors against a Muskoka all-star team. The hockey was good, these were seasoned men playing, but young Orr, who was about 16 or so, dominated the game and I remember players from the Muskoka All-Stars shaking their heads and almost laughing at how good this young thoroughbred was.

As cool as the Winter Classic game at Fenway Park was on this first day of 2010, the best part was seeing Orr, and seeing him look good.

Like I say, he would’ve looked great in a Canadiens uniform.

Oh, and the Bruins beat the Flyers 2-1 in overtime. I’ll bet Bobby Orr was smiling.

9 thoughts on “Bruins Fans Have Bobby Orr. They’re A Lucky Bunch”

  1. Hey Dennis;Yes indeed,Bobby was the greatest ever and I mean ever.I was so sad when he called it quits,as he was himself.I dont think there will ever be another like him.The next time you here from me it will be from the big meropolis of Port Alice.I fly out of Regina in another hour or so.It’s been great witnessing the junior experiences that I have had.I wish I could do tis every year.

  2. They dont get any more classy then Bobby Orr. Its such a shame that his career got cut so short. Him and Gretzky are definitely in a league of there own.

  3. The NHL needs to keep Bobby Orr more involved as a hockey ambassador to the US and do whatever it takes to keep him happy.

    It would have been glorious with Orr wearing a Canadiens uniform. With him at his prime, we would surely have been the favourites for those 4 Stanley Cups we didn’t win in the early 70’s. Just imagine it, 12 consecutive Stanley Cups, I’m drooling at the thought of it.

    And thanks Dennis, I just saw my quote.

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