Bruins Destroy In Game Three

They must be beaming in Beantown. A Boston 8-1 licking of the Vancouver Canucks, and people, including myself, can abruptly put to bed any thought of a sweep or even a sure-bet Cup for the Vancouverites. The Canucks were simply out-energized and outplayed, and the Bruins are back in it.

Tomorrow I’ll meet many concerned and shell-shocked Canucks fans as I deal with ferry traffic.

But a dark cloud hovers over this impressive Boston slaughtering. Nathan Horton, one of the Bruins’ most dangerous snipers, was leveled by Aaron Rome at 5:07 of the first period and the crowd waited silently as he was wrapped up and carried off on a stretcher. He’s been taken to hospital, and we hope he’s fine.

Habs fans know about this sort of thing and we’d rather not see it.

For Canucks players and fans, it isn’t quite what they’d planned. Not by a country mile. Not a pasting like this. Suddenly the Stanley Cup isn’t a given. If the Bruins tie this series on Wednesday there will be a lot of nail-biting and chug-a-lugging on this west coast for the next while.

Brad Marchand, a player I watch with squinty eyes and a scowl, scored a beauty of a shorthanded goal when he blew in, held on until Roberto Luongo was clearly beaten, and rifled it home. Nice goal by a guy doing it his way whether we like it or not. I still remember fondly, though, when PK Subban blasted him with a classic open-ice thud.

And I suppose I should mention the sensational play of Tim Thomas. Geez it’s tough giving credit where credit is due when it comes to the Boston Bruins.

It seems a long time ago now, but Montreal had this Boston club up two games to none, and the series was as good as won. But it wasn’t. The Bruins showed grit, and for one game at least, they’re showing it again.

But cheer up, Canucks fans. It was never supposed to be easy. It isn’t a walk in Stanley Park.

18 thoughts on “Bruins Destroy In Game Three”

  1. Luongo gave up enough goals, and enough bad ones too, for the rest of the series. I’m expecting a 2-0 shut-out for Vancouver on Wednesday and then the cup on Friday at home. That’s the way to celebrate the weekend.

  2. Aaron Rome gets four games = out for remainder of playoffs.

    Okay. Why does Rome get four and Chara zero?

    I don’t get it.

  3. If ever there was a reason to believe in Karma this is it. They say what goes around comes around and the Baston Bastards were due some kind of come-uppance. This is a team that cries foul yet plays foul. I don’t know Horton personally, maybe he’s a nice guy, but I’ve seen him cross check players with a look on his face that says he’s trying to hurt the guy. We all know what Chara got away with and what Recchi said and how Lucy plays and while I hope Horton recovers I don’t feel any sympathy for him or the team. Nada. I have no respect for this organization which likes to say they never do anything as classless as waving a finger in front of Bergeron ala Lapierre and how they would never do such a thing only to proceed and do it twice the very next game. Talk is cheap and the Booins are as cheap as it gets. There I think I’ve used up my quota of idioms for one day.

  4. I’m with you Danno, Chara shoves a guys head into the post & breaks his neck, Rome’s hit was open ice while buddy admired his pass. If thats NHL justice it’s all BS!!!

  5. Danno, you’re right, what’s the difference? Both were late interference hits, two players were carried off on a stretcher, and one player gets four games while the other gets none. You can be sure that if Rome got nothing like Chara did, Bruins fans would be screaming blue murder.

  6. Dishonest John, I’ve lost all respect for Boston over the course of this year. What you list is dead on and I’ve been stewing about the Rome suspension as opposed to the Chara non-suspension all day. The only thing Boston has had over all these years is Bobby Orr. Other than that, they stink to high heaven.

  7. Yeah, thanks Beatnik. Too bad that beautiful hit didn’t knock some sense into this Marchand dude.

  8. It is BS, Mike. What’s the difference between Chara’s hit and Rome’s? Both were late, interference plays.

  9. Campbell may have stepped down, but his influence remains. The 4 game suspension to Rome was to be expected. He really only received a two game suspension for the interference hit to the head, but another two were added for hitting a Bruin. Things may change in the NHL head office, but they will still always favour the Bruins over Canadian teams.

  10. Dennis, like the extra two game suspension for hitting a Bruin, all Bruins get a two game reduction in their suspensions. So really Chara received a two game suspension, but they were waived because of the unwritten rules to favour Bruins.

  11. Dennis, sorry if this appears twice, my connection got very slow after I submitted it, I was sure it made it, but it’s no longer there.

    Chara really did get a two game suspension, but like the extra two games for hitting a Bruin, all Bruins have two games waived from their suspensions.

  12. And now my original comment is back again. What’s even weirder my first comment shows up at 7:21 pm which must be PDT, while the second shows up at 4:05 am which must be UTC. Are you visiting Blue Bayou?

  13. Chris, my site still isn’t working properly and there’s been quite a bit of waiting going on when I need to change things or whatever. It’s been very frustrating.

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