Bruins Blow It!

Bruins lose.  People shed tears of joy.

Boston blew a big three-goal lead today and fell 5-3 to the Tampa Bay Lightning. This evens the series at two, rattles the Bruins I’m sure, and restores any confidence Tampa may have lost after getting taught a bit of a lesson the other night.

I didn’t see it. I’ve been travelling and just got in the door. I’d make a lousy sports reporter. One of the main rules for a sports reporter is that you have to actually see games. I fell asleep last night during the Canucks-Sharks tilt, and not only didn’t see today’s, but missed a couple of others also in this round.

There’s a reason why I haven’t seen all of the Boston series. It’s because I don’t want to see them.



6 thoughts on “Bruins Blow It!”

  1. Hey Dennis, Well you know,even though I’m hoping for the Canucks,I’m having a hard time cheering for them.I just cant bring myself to cheer for another team,oh well let’s co Canucks.You gotta know if the Bruins get in the final that they will win the cup as colin campbell son plays for the bruins and jeremy jacobs and hary butman are best of buddies,will the refs blow in their favour,hard to say eh.Let’s hear one for the Jets of Winnipeg.

  2. a southern non hockey sunshine belt stanley cup win is a feather in the head turds cap and only reinforces mr. buttmans ego, as if it needs to be re-reinforced. it proves, in his eyes that hockey should be play in markets that don’t give a shit or know anything about hockey as opposed to hockey hot beds in canadian cities………… having said that, as much as i dislike the latest edition of the bruins, i dislike gary(pass the sunscreen) bettman more.

  3. I have no trouble cheering for Vancouver. They have a beautiful mix of talent and grit and boast the best player in the league with both in Ryan Kessler (just wish he was Cdn). I’m not sold on Luongo but he is proving that good goal tending not great is sufficient to win in the playoffs. Early on I thought Higgins looked lost after yet another trade but much like his playoff beard he has grown into his role and looks rejuvenated. I always liked Higgins and it’s easy to cheer for him and wouldn’t he be a good fit in Mtl’s bottom six? Although it may sound blasphemous I’m also happy to see Michael Ryder having some success and that helps me hang on to his McFarlane Habs hockey figure, I always thought he was a good guy.

  4. Hobo, I sure don’t likke the Cup going to a southern place either. I could cheer for the Bruins if they didn’t have such despicable characters on the team. The best scenario I can think of now is for Tampa to win their series but only five thousand fans show up.

  5. DJ, for sure, Kesler would look great in a Habs uniform. He’s the kind of player we could sure use – a point-getting, rough type who plays with a chip on his shoulder. The exact opposite of Gomez.

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