Bruin Fans Mumbo Jumbo

Comments from Bruins’ sites compiled and sent to me from Beatnik. Any spelling and grammatical errors are the work of the Boston fans and left unchanged.

“This dumb action falls in line with what I’ve been saying for a few years.. Montreal is the absolute worst hockey town and have the worst fans in all of pro sports.. The hit has been totally blown out of proportion.. The only thing I would like to know si what time does the riot start, i could use some new shoes?”

“Unbelievable how everyone says that when they watch the video in slow motion you can ‘tell that Chara was out to injure him’. Thats such a load of garbage. Chara is not a dirty player – he’s 6’9′ for God sake. He basically has to kneel down to check the guy. If you’re looking for greasy players look no further than Subban.”

“Any other team this isn’t an issue. It’s only because it is the Montreal Canadiens that the Quebecois must make it a matter for the legal system. There is no intent or malice (at least no way to prove it) unlike the Marty McSorely stick swinging or the Todd Bertuzzi blindside sucker punch. The league made a ruling. It is not a criminal matter. Next thing you know Dionne will pull out his skates and write fines for a hook and give jail time for roughing.”

“Once again, Montreal, quebec and the French Country of Canada prove why no one out side of Quebec likes French ppl. This is insane. Keep your Donut Hogs out of the league. it was not a dirty play. Get real, and focus your time and tax money on finding real criminals…. like say all the goones that distroyed dt montreal during the playoff run last year. Montreal.. and Habs fans everywhere…. You’re all a Joke”

“Is there anyone other than Hab fans who feel this should be investigated by the police?”

“I AM from montreal, and used to be a huge habs fan.The weak pathetic cry baby attitude of the city and its fans have turned me off for good.Cry babys with power are now trying to find a way to press charges and what ? hold chara until playoffs are over ? The NHL makes the decisions, you may not agree all the time, but this was clearly something that is within the risks of beign a professional hockey player.REGARDLESS OF INTENT. People get hit into the stanchions all the time, it usually messes people up bad.Players should beware of the dangers on all surfaces of the ice. Long story short, this is hockey, but no one likes to see anyone get severly hurt, especially chara in this case. This city is pathetic.”

“Dear Montreal Fans: Are you proud of this? Are you proud that because one of your players gets hurt, like many around the NHL have, that a criminal investigation has to occur. People who think like that need to be strapped to some skates, put on the ice and have pucks fired at them by Zdeno”

“Only in Quebec… Launch a criminal investigation.. The Federal Gov’t weighin on this.. Unbeleivable.. It is sad this can only go to this magnitude when in Montreal. Crosby been out from a cheap head shot and there was not this much attention to it. This was a hockey play… plain and simple…”

“ohhhhh if only people would throw this much of a stink and expelled this much energy and passion when the government did something stupid…”

“I just wonder that if Pacioretty was a Bruin and not a Hab, would have this generated interest from ‘bodies’ of all types?”

“what are you all talking about, its unfortunate but chara was finishing his check. legally. that was a hockey play. max pacioretty isnt even that good”

“Pacioretty made the fatal mistake of putting himself between the boards and Chara. He didn’t have to take that path. It’s the risk he took and he paid for it dearly. What did he expect Chara to do? Hug and kiss him? The last place you want to be caught in is between the boards and Chara. I’ve seen lots of players avoid being caught in that situation against Chara because they know the consequences. The NHL is a contact hockey league where assumed risk is part of the game. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.”

“And after tax payers dollars are wasted the police will arrive at the same conclusion as the NHL. Nobody knows whether intent to injure was present except Chara. All I know is if that hit took play anywhere else on the ice it would be ‘a guy finishing his check’ end of story”

“hey, maybe this should be a worker’s comp case and patch should sue the canadians or the owners of the arena for not providing a safe work environment??”

“I say the polititians should stick to doing what they do best(screwing up the country) and stay out of the NHL policies this includes having the police come in.”

“First off, of coarse the Que provincial government would use this as a political device. That’s just a joke… criminal investigation? HA! Come on! Only in Quebec! Second, Air Canada has no right (in law) to withdraw sponsorship unilaterally from its contractual obligations. Lets read between the lines on that one shall we? ‘We, at Air Canada, feel this play was a malicious attempt to injure another human being and we will not have our brand associated with the condoning of such acts.’ AKA ‘We, at Air Canada, have blown another pile of money we don’t have, can’t really afford to carry on with our sponsorship contract and our lawyers think this event might let us wriggle our way out of it.’ OR ‘Sweet, chance for free advertising with a positive spin.’ This is not news in substance, but only some politicians and a company taking advantage of a very unfortunate incident. Sickening really that they would act to try and take benefits from Max’s injury. BTW – speedy recovery and all the best, from a Habs hater.”


9 thoughts on “Bruin Fans Mumbo Jumbo”

  1. DK, foreward that photo to a couple of Boston bloggers & let them try to write it off as unintentional! Anyone who see’s it can only come to one conclusion! I can’t believe some of the vile posts I’ve read, good God the man was nearly killed—– SCUM OF THE EARTH!!!

  2. Dennis,

    As I read your first paragraph, the first thing that popped into my mind was, let’s see how many shots are taken at the French…and BINGO!

    As a half French-Canadian I am saddened each time these types of remarks come into play. I hope the people of this province take this as an opportunity to stick together.

    Where is the love?

  3. It saddens me too, Marjo. I just hope when all the dust settles that some good will from all this. Right now everything stinks – from the injury to Chara’s reaction to Bruin fans’ reactions and on and on down the line. What a mess.

  4. “The weak pathetic cry baby attitude of the city and its fans have turned me off for good”.

    I never knew passion and caring was frowned upon in Boston, I’m guessing assault is encouraged there. No wonder everybody hates that city.

  5. Oh great, we got Boston trolls lurking around in Dennis’ site.

    Every single person that I know of that has gone to Boston, has never given ANY good feedback.

  6. It’s okay, Phil. Bostonians have been envious of the Habs’ success for many years. And Montreal (the city) has so much more charm.

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