Broadway Blues

Their four-game-winning streak is now a thing of the past as the Canadiens drop a 5-3 decision in New York, and yes, it’s a downer because they had their chances, but every game on every night cannot be won. It’s just the way it is.

Things stop. Like Kim Kardashian’s marriage.

You have to wonder how it might have been without the rash of penalties the Habs managed to get, beginning with a nice, slightly illegal open-ice hit on Brandon Dubinsky by Michael Blunden that created a string of penalties all over the place, including having game misconducts handed to Petteri Nokelainen and Michael Sauer for a disagreement or two.

When the dust settled and the scorekeeper needing to sharpen his pencil, the Canadiens found themselves attempting to kill a 5 on 3.

Which they didn’t do.

It became 1-0 New York, then later 2-0, and then 3-0. And I had no beer to guzzle.

After that, though, things began to pick up. With the Rangers enjoying that 3 goal lead, Max Pacioretty slammed home a Brian Gionta rebound just 14 seconds into the second, and the game suddenly became a 3-1 affair. Then the Habs took advantage of their own 5-3 power play and made it 3-2 when Andrei Kostitsyn bulged the twine.

Such wild times in Manhattan. It was like Studio 54 On Ice. The Canadiens swarmed the net, Erik Cole hit the post, but then, like a pin stuck in a Kardashian boob (even the brother’s), things went pffft. Brad Richard spoiled the party by making it once again a two-goal lead for the Blueshirts.

Damn that Richards. Was he a Habs fan growing up in P.E.I?

But wait! In the final frame, Brian Gionta blasted one home and it became a one-goal game again! We knew they were going to come back!

Except they didn’t.

New York scored on the empty net and any drama and feel-good story for Habs fans was quickly sent down the toilet of life.

All in all, I’d say too many penalties wrecked things. For example, in the first period, Montreal took 9 infractions to New York’s 3. It’s a momentum killer if I ever saw one. But I’m not going to whine. The Canadiens could have been more disciplined to be sure. (&^*%#$ referees). 

Next Up:

Tuesday the peach-fuzzed Oilers visit the Bell Centre, led by young speedsters Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Jordan Eberle, and Taylor Hall, accompanied by veteran Ryan Smyth, who is 17 years older than Nugent-Hopkins and therefore old enough to be his father.


21 thoughts on “Broadway Blues”

  1. Discipline has been a problem. As the Gazette reported tonight “It’s the fourth time this season the Canadiens have had trouble counting to five. They led the league in bench minors last season with 14.”

  2. Once again this loss was my fault. Before the game I commented how it seemed like they played the second half against Ottawa short-handed. So today they showed me what it’s really like to play half a game short-handed.

  3. Tygerlylly, me too. I figured the Rangers would try to prove they were tougher than what Thornton said.

  4. This game was pathetic. I haven’t seen such bad ref work in a long time. Those refs were as useless as tits on a bull.

    We do need to play responsibly, but I swear those refs had a real hard-on for us tonight. Some of it was legit and we deserved to be called but Subban didn’t deserve that call. Andre was pulled down and there was no call and someone else was pulled down and there was no call. I swear we could have sneezed tonight and we would have been called on it.

    I think we could have won this tonight but the refs simply screwed us.

    I pretty much knew it was all over in the first and I said to myself “well maybe the Bruins will lose tonight and that’ll make me happy”. Yeah, so much for that.

    We’re going to have a tough time on Tuesday. We can’t take them for granted. I also hope someone puts extra-strength Ex-Lax in the refs food tonight!

  5. I thought Blunden’s hit was hard but legal. The Rangers were spurred by Torts to react to the hit like an angry mob out for revenge because of the Thornton comments. It was like they were looking for any excuse and they took advantage of that moment to prove they were tough guys.

    After the dust settled the fix was in. New York realized that the refs were on their side because the Habs got penalized more than they should have even though the Rangers instigated the whole melee. Granted, Tim Peel made a one or two calls we deserved later on but he blindly made many calls against us that were obvious dives etc. while completely ignoring many infractions committed by the Rangers.

    The icing on the cake was when they gave PK Subban two minutes for snow showering Lundqvist. The Rangers player who threw PK down to the ice after the whistle got nothing. What a crock.

    How often does Carey Price get snow showered like that? And when was the last time anybody ever got a penalty for doing it? The answer is often and never.

    The Rangers got nine power play opportunities and the Habs only got two. It’s amazing the Habs came back to narrow the gag to 4-3 after being short a man or two for a good part of the game. It was a gutsy performance in the face of impossible odds.

    Did you see Jacques Martin get up on the bench waving his arms and screaming about all the bad calls just like Lindy Ruff does all the time?

    Me neither.

    On a positive note, it was good to see the team kept playing hard in spite of playing two games in a row and being dead tired from killing penalties for a good part of the game. They came dangerously close to ruining the refs plans which was to hand the Rangers two points on a silver platter and to cash in on their Pro-Line tickets.

    But what can you do? This is all part of Bettman’s NHL. Better off just filing it and forgetting it.

  6. It is times like this when the team needs JM to get angry and get fined. It saddens me to see him behind our bench. We don’t deserve to have JM as our coach.

  7. Danno, Darth, Derry, Mayo et al. I saw two instances where I scratched my head and didn’t understand at all, and it was times like these when I wished I had a better grasp of French. I accepted the fact that Blunden’s hit might have been interference and that’s fine, but when I saw all the Rangers charge in, I was sure we’d end up with a power play out of it. But then I looked and saw it was a 5 on 3 for them. I didn’t understand at all. Then PK’s snow job. I’ve seen this snow in the face a thousand times over the years, goalies hate it, but I’ve never seen it called, especially at a crucial time of the game like it was last night. In my mind I thought I was missing something once again because of the language barrier.Yes, there were too mnay Habs penalties (Desharnais one after another) but on the Blunden and PK plays, I’m very confused.

  8. Dennis, here’s what gets my goat.

    The other night the refs allowed Flyers’ Daniel Briere’s shootout goal against the Devils in spite of the fact he stopped the forward momentum of the puck. But watch the video. He also gave a snow job to goalie Johan Hedberg.

    I’m confused. I thought snow showering wasn’t allowed as it’s considered unsportsmanlike conduct.

    Why is it OK for Briere to get a goal in spite of these two obvious infractions?

    If they’re going to call players for snowjobs call them all the time and stop this bullshit.

    As for the Ryan Callaghan instigator non-call, the rule is clear but the refs again pick and chose when to enforce it. Callaghan skated across the ice and dropped his gloves to take on Blunden after a clean hit Blunden should never have been penalized on.

    Brandon Dubinski was in possession of the puck before and during the clean hit by Blunden. Why was Blunden given an interference penalty. Is it now against the rules for the Habs to give good, clean body checks? And watch as Callaghan skates from the neutral zone to confront Blunden.

    According to the rules Callaghan should have got the instigator penalty. Had the rules been applied properly the Habs would have enjoyed a power play instead of being down two men.

  9. Danno, when I first saw it I thought it was borderline interference but watching what you’ve sent, it wasn’t interference at all. The guy had the puck and it was a clean check. There’s no way we should have been down 5 on 3 after that. That’s quite brutal. And there was a snow-spraying episode in last year’s playoffs that created much controversy I thought PK’s was so ridiculous but like I said, I thought I was missing something because of the language problem.

  10. Leaf Fan In Ottawa, I’m afraid the time has come. The time when the Toronto Maple Leafs become the Toronto Maple Leafs once again.

  11. a typical jm game. he only gets the team up for part of the game. if this was the exception and not the rule i would not blame numbnuts……. this lack of discipline is not the players fault……….. and why??????????????do you leave the goalie out with over 40 seconds left and a face off at centre? duh………unfortunately the habs went on a short winning streak and it was all it took to save jm’s sorry ass……. things will never change

  12. Blunden deserved the too-many-men penalty. Callahan could have been given an instigator penalty, but it’s a stupid arbitrary penalty and I wouldn’t have given it to him. Calling interference on Callahan was just ridiculous, the refs need new glasses and a lesson on the game. In the end I would have given the Rangers a 5-on-4 power-play and let the players play the game.

    Instead they tried to make the game all about them. The Canadiens did a fantastic job turning it into a game and if not for a few posts they almost succeeded.

  13. Hobo, funny you should say that. Lucy was yelling at the TV that the face off was at centre ice and get Price back in there. So when I weigh things, Lucy would make a better coach than J-Mart.

  14. Chris, but he didn’t deserve an interference call. I thought it was in the beginning but after seeing Danno’s videos, the guy was carrying the puck when he was belted. It was an old-fashion, beautiful open ice hit.

  15. Penalties. ‘Nuff said.

    Some should have been called. Some shouldn’t have.

    There will always be those days where things just don’t click.

    I think that game was just one of those days.

    Joe Thornton calling out the Rangers did not help the Habs out one bit either.

  16. I’m actually going to the game against the Oilers. Hopefully Saturday’s game sparked a fire in them that drives them to play a better game on Tuesday.

    That would certainly be a highlight to a closing 2011.

  17. Phil, the second I read what Thornton had said and knowing the Habs had the Rangers the following day, I got a bad feeling.

  18. Phil please let me know how the game went. Hopefully Montreal can slow down this young and skilled Oilers team.

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