7 thoughts on ““Phillip And I Both Agree Our Defense Will Be Tighter This Year” Says British Habs Fan”

  1. Amazing photo, how did you get your hands on it? She has a team of security guards to hide her personal favourites.
    Here are a few more tidbits.
    The Queen got hooked on hockey during the ’36 Olympics during which I overheard her saying “Hockey is the only sport worth watching on the TV”. As a teenager it was the Rocket’s photo she kept by her bed. It was upon her suggestion that Béliveau was asked to be Governor General.

  2. I’d also heard she’d had a brief yet intense affair with Gump Worsley. And oh yeah, I took this photo myself because Liz and I are like brother and sister. In fact, just last year she visited me and slept on my couch.

  3. DK, Where did you sleep,under those Gawd-afull Palm tree’s of yours?? Be true to your roots you should have a stand of magestic Jack Pine & Black Cedar & not sleep under Yellow frawned leaves that I & the boy’s have secretly “P” on while you toiled away on your night shifts , trying to figure out how entice Lawrence swin with the Orca !
    Cheers from the East,Les Canadiens Sont La !!

  4. According to my sources if we win the cup she’s having the whole team over for a state dinner where she’ll try to woo Pricey into early retirement. She’s seen pictures of him in his cowboy hat and she’s been having dreams of him working in the Royal Mews.

  5. Thanks Moey. Could it be that the queen is one of those stalkers on Price’s site? And is Charles a hockey fan or polo fan? There’s a lot to find out.

  6. I never quite understood Robinson and his polo playing, but that’s fine. He wouldn’t understand me either. And thanks for the Queen thing, it’s great.

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