Bring On The Season!


I’ve forgotten about  preseason already. Was only mildly interested. Didn’t even care about the final scores.

I guess I’m a pretty bad Habs fan.

I realize that RDS Habs games were blacked out in parts of the country, but they were shown here in good old isolated Powell River, and if I’m allowed to bitch about one thing because it’s my birthday and I’m old and cranky, I have to say once again that RDS places their cameras way too high at the rinks.

It’s like sitting in the nosebleeds.

That’s my bitch, and not much of one either. Maybe it’s my eyes.

I’ve been paying attention to those wild and crazy Toronto Blue Jays, though. Love this team. A bonafide Murderers’ Row with Donaldson, Bautista, and Encarnacion and a more-than-impressive supporting cast. A team that just might win it all. Them and the Canadiens.

Love the Jays and love Montreal’s new/old laced-neck sweaters. Also love that no one got hurt in preseason and Max is healed and ready to wear the C in games where you get two points.

Nice to see 10-year NHL veteran left winger Tomas Fleischmann sign a one-year contract with the club, and not great to see that Zack Kassian was injured in an early morning car accident when he was in a truck driven by a 20-year old woman and they ran into a tree. In cases like this, the tree pretty well always wins.

Just thankful Kassian appears to be fine. And yes, when I was 24, like Kassian, I was often up all night on Saturday nights too. But my boss wasn’t paying me two million dollars a year. The team doesn’t need the big fellow running into trees.

Guy Lafleur hit a telephone post or two during his career, but anyway.

Now we wait for Wednesday when the boys suit up in Toronto. Then it’s on to Boston on Saturday, Ottawa Sunday, and Pittsburgh on Tuesday.

Four road games to kick off the 2015-16 season. Early trips are good for bonding, but teams opening at home will be hoping to impress their fans. So the Canadiens have their work cut out for them.

But it’s only Toronto, Boston, Ottawa and Pittsburgh, so I don’t see the problem.

(Photo sent from my friend Don McIsaac and cartoon from my friend Jez Golbez)

Cam Cardow; Editorial Cartoon; Leafs fan; bridge; suicide; jumping;
Cam Cardow; Editorial Cartoon; Leafs fan; bridge; suicide; jumping;

11 thoughts on “Bring On The Season!”

  1. Hello world. First off, NOT being in the dressing room, so I don’t see the day to day goings on, I have no favorites for captain. However, there is a similarity ‘tween #s 67,76 and #4,9.. #9 was was what he was WITH a lot of flash. 76[P.K.,in case I get the #s twisted]is what he is WITH a lot of flash. 4 & 67 are what they are with a more relaxed approach. We know what 4&9 brought to the ice, we’re seeing what # 67 & 76 bring to the ice, What a pair of ‘ole guard ‘en new guard similarities for us fans to have on our side. WE DON”T HANG CONFERENCE FLAGS IN THE RAFTERS AT THE BELL!!!!! aka Carey Price Happy Birthday Denis, may your family bring you joy!

  2. I have a pet peeve about camera placement in most NHL
    arenas…except one…the cameras in Calgary…next time there’s a telecast of a game in Calgary…check it out…
    just great. Back in the day when i use to do work for CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada…i got paid in tickets to games at the
    Montreal Forum…in the Red seats…behind the camerman!
    A bit of an obstructed view…but great fun anyway.

  3. Ed, I think of the Forum and Maple Leaf Gardens days. The cameras were much lower than most now and I miss that. What did you do at HNIC?

  4. Hi Peter. The best thing about the captaincy is that the players voted. It’s nice to know how they feel about Max and he must be so honoured to wear it and know his teammates like and respect him.

  5. Dennis…i use to program and find music for various radio shows and CBC productions…HNIC would need music to go with an intermission feature…or opening. When the Habs were hosting St.Louis.. i’d provide them with Judy Garland’s recording of “Meet me in St. Louis”….it’s amazing how little musical knowledge or imagination the producers had.
    It was great for me…rather get great seats at the Forum than cash…which was taxable.

  6. Happy Birthday Dennis!

    Joffrey Lupul and Mark Critch exchange some Leaf jokes in this segment from CBC’s This Hour Has 22 Minutes. Jokes begin at the 3:00 mark…

  7. Thanks Danno. Pretty funny segment. Good for Lupul. And Mark Critch reminds me of someone I know but I can’t put my finger on it. Now it’s gonna bother me.

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