Bring ‘Em On

Boston beat Detroit 4-2 today to take out the Wings in five games, and thus, it’s a good old Habs-Bruins party coming up in about another freaking week.

The road to the Stanley Cup means tough going throughout, and it’ll definitely be tough against a red hot Bruins squad.

But it can be done of course, and if any Habs fan out there says we’re screwed, may the Rocket reach down from above and grab you by the throat.

15 thoughts on “Bring ‘Em On”

  1. I’d be lying if I said that I was optimistic about this series. As well as Montreal played against Tampa, it will need to be that much better to have a chance of beating the “beast of the east”………….

  2. Fair point, Dennis, though I truly do think that we will have to see the very best hockey that Montreal has played this season in order for the team to beat a Boston team that I think is better than the 2011 squad which won the Stanley Cup.

  3. Ian, for sure Montreal will to be great. And there’s no reason why they can’t be. The Canadiens have played some very fine games already this season. They’ve had an outstanding record in their last month and a half which has seen them lose just 3 of 19 games. There’s been nights when they’ve been outstanding. I know Boston is good but there’s no reason not to feel some optimism from your hometown team.

  4. Oh c’mon Ian, we need you to cheer for us. The series hasn’t even started and yet you have the Habs golfing. None of that here ok? You gotta promise to bring nothing but good, hopeful stuff here. Ya gotta believe, man, ya gotta believe. I think I have you figured out though, Ian. It’s safer to say we won’t make it, because getting your hopes up and having them crushed is just too painful. Can’t do that, sometimes you gotta take the chance of being crushed. We are going to win. Period. I just wish Marchand got injured tonight when he crashed in the net.

    You know who really bugs me? Iginla. I call him the Cup-chaser. Landed a spot with the Pens last year after dissing the B’a at the very last minute because he figured playing alongside Crosby and Malkin would get him to the top. This year he joins the Bruins after rejecting them (don’t the Bruins have any dignity?) surely because he thinks they will get him the ride there. If we don’t pull through, I’m going for Pittsburgh all the way!!!! Can you imagine how he’d feel if they won? Geez, what ever happened to something called loyalty, playing for the sweater? He needed to stay with Calgary, but instead he showed his true colors.

  5. Im very optimistic. The Habs were the cream of the crop in the NHL the last 15 games. We did beat Boston during this span. The playoffs are different but we have a great team. The upside is our team will get better. Boston is on the downside. This is as good as theyll ever be. Chara is 37 and old. The only part im concerned about will be the play in front of the net and Lucic purposely falling on Price. They will try to hurt Price as well as Gally, Patches and anyone else. If we can stay away from physical stuff we will win. If Pleks, Bourque and Eller come to play we will win. We know Gionta, Gally and Patches and Price are here to play. Weèll have Moen and Galchenyuk back as well. There are too many positives to question. I cant wait. The only part I’m not looking forward to is that fucking stupid prick who signs their anthem. I just want to fucking punch him in the face and keep punching him because he the dumbest looking bastard in Boston.

  6. ‘But it can be done of course, and if any Habs fan out there says we’re screwed, may the Rocket reach down from above and grab you by the throat.’

    Nicely said, and Bring it on babies! Win and win and Win and Win again and Again and Win , and win. Hhaha is this a prediction. And anyone who’s a Habs fan wld. never even think we’re screwed. They wldnt be a fan then, but a spy! hahah

    The Rocket and all the other grand jouers will be with them.

  7. I’m optimistic too. They need to continue to have spread out scoring, Price to be excellent, and hopefully the power play to get going. They have the tools, just need to implement.

  8. Habs will stun the hockey world and send the Bruins packing in four games.

    How’s that for optimism?

  9. Huh, they dropped Bournival to the 5thline and inserted Moen on the 4th. I have issues with that a bit, but what the hell do I know. I agree with those who say don’t fix it if it ain’t broke and Bourny’s really fast and quick on the reflexes– I really like him. Maybe they’re expecting a lot of fighting but how many lives does Moen have left??

  10. Marjo, for me I agree that Moen could replace Bournival for the Bruins series. Bournival’s time will come, he’s a great young player with everything going for him, one of my favourites on the team, but Moen might be more useful against this type of team. I heard Douglas Murray might be slotted in and I agree with that too. Maybe take out Bouillon. We’re faster than them but need some extra muscle. I just think it’s great that we have the depth to play different guys against different styles. Bring ’em on.

  11. So true, Dennis, so true. And the good news is that if we need to replace them (Moen, Murray)for whatever reason, we KNOW that Bouillon and Bournival can step in –their playoff record is good. Bring ’em on mannnnnn, bring them.on.

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