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This is a set of Sherriff/Salada hockey coins from 1961-62. I’ve had these since I was eleven years old. They came in Jello and potato chips, and I pressured my mom to buy handfuls of Jello instead of just one or two. So we had a kitchen cupboard with lots of open boxes of Jello in it. I also ate more potato chips than any one human should possibly eat.

At school we would play closest to the wall, just like hockey cards, and I was devastated if my hoard of coins had dwindled. But on the other hand, if I went back to class after recess with dozens more than I had started out with, then all was right with the world. I think it was kind of like having sex before I really knew what sex was.

You could send away to the company for the shields, which I did, but after putting them in their holes and trying to hang them on the wall, most would fall out because they didn’t fit well. So I added small amounts of glue to the backs. When you see these coins in their shields on ebay, which you don’t see very often, most have been glued like mine.

These plastic hockey coins began the year before, in 1960-61 and I had a bunch of them years ago, but not anymore. They also came out as metal coins in 1962-63, and I still have the full set of these.  And there were no shields available for these other years.

The coins made a comeback in 1967, but I don’t think they became all the rage like they were in the earlier years. These later coins have become quite rare and valuable because, I suppose, there just weren’t that many.

Baseball and football also had their own coins, as did old cars and airplanes. But it’s the hockey coins that I cherished the most.

They should bring back hockey coins for the modern generation. Maybe they’d get kids away from computer games for awhile.

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  1. What an impressive collection! Back in 2001, I picked up a few medallion/stamp pieces issued by Canada Post, commemorating the NHL All Stars. I gave a couple to my dad, and kept one of Jean Beliveau. It’s in a nice metal case with a velvet lining.

    My brother had a ton of cards, but I have no idea what happened to them. Perhaps they’re still somewhere under the stairs.

  2. Hi Sandra. Thanks for that. For some reason your other comment didn’t go through. I’m not sure what happened. Is it possible to do it again?

  3. I was born in 1966 and do not remember much of the Shirrif Coins but remember them vaguely popping up in coin and stamp stores as a kid.
    But I do remember collectiong the Esso Hockey Book Album and stickers back around 1971 and the Loblaws Album and stickers from 1974.
    Still have them in my collection and I have been collecting Habs oddballmemorabilia for since I was 5 such as postcard sets, export ‘a’ calendars, team pocket skeds, team issued photos, media guides, promo titems, pucks, stanley cup final programs home and away, game programs from the forum, etc…anyhing oddball pertaining to our beloved habs. no upper deck, fleer, cards, etc… in my collection! Just regional items!
    This is a passion for me, can be expensive but it’s a hobby I cherish!

  4. Born in 51. Same story as you, wonderful.
    (better than sex………at my age…..or with my own wife…
    just kidding.

    The shield image is wonderful, especially when you click on it for a larger picture.

    Like you, I had the entire set (same year) as well as the shields. Lived in Pickering, went to school with and lived next door to Neil Young for a brief period of time. (Neil was older, but I would {help?} him with his chickes and we’d crash our train sets up together once in a while) Anyhow, I recall I was a few coins shy of a complete set and when I visited friends in Don Mills, we managed to find Boston’s bald headed final guy, Bob Armstrong. Oh what a feeling.

    While I was away at University (McMaster) we moved and because I was too self centred (chasing girls) I did not return to help my parents move (unforgivable I know) my
    sister threw out all my hockey scap books etc. etc. (I got what I deserved and I still love my sister)

    Better than sex….hmmm, maybe not when you’re in your teens, but certainly now.

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Oh, and by the way, I’m a Leaf fan…..but one of my favourite girls at MAC was a Montreal fan. It was Keon vs Mahovlich and it was wonderful.

  5. Peter, thanks for this great story. Life was great back then when we were young and collected cards and coins and had crushes in school. The Neil Young thing is very cool too. I really appreciate you sharing this story and if feel the urge, please come back again. I’ve delved into the past before on this site, throwing cards against the school wall – closest to the middle, going to the Forum from Orillia when I was about 13 and the older guys on the bus got me drunk, and much more. Maybe your name will appear again at some point. Thanks again. Just great.

  6. Dennis, I’ve got the complete set of Toronto and Boston , from 1961-62 with the plaque shaped plastic backing. My Mom had saved them. We had eight kids in the family and hence ate lots of jelly and pudding!

  7. That’s cool, Russell. Those coins with the shields are fantastic. I’m just glad I managed to keep mine all these years. I ate a lot of jello too. I’ve go the metal set from the following year too.

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